Saturday Morning Gaming: On Fun


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  1. Fish

    Oxygen Not Included, still. I found an excellent video series which illustrated how very easy it actually is to implement many of the more advanced technologies that I’d previously gaslighted myself into believing that I just wasn’t smart enough/good enough at the game to tackle. It turns out that, while I may still lack the finesse of a YouTuber who gets paid to play games all day, I can, in fact, do some pretty cool stuff in-game.

    And of course, Elden Ring when I need a break from ONI.Report

  2. Andy

    Fun is definitely subjective.

    As an often tired middle-aged Dad, I find myself mostly playing at the end of a long day and not wanting to really think too much, which is why I often play standards I’ve played for years.

    Elden Ring does look amazing, but I doubt I have the time and – more important – the mental energy for it. That said, God of War looks way too linear and hand-holdy for me. I prefer a balance, which is why I tend to like RPGs more like Skyrim, Fallout and Cyberpunk.

    So it shouldn’t be surprising that the next new AAA game I’ll likely get is Starfield. And I’m also excited for the Cyberpunk expansion.Report

  3. bevedog

    I feel like Yahtzee’s analysis also can explain the problem with Marvel movies.Report

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