How To Deal with That Family Member at Thanksgiving Dinner

Ben Sears

Ben Sears is a writer and restaurant guy in Birmingham, Alabama. He lives quite happily across from a creek with his wife, two sons, and an obligatory dog. You can follow him on Twitter and read his blog, The Columbo Game.

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6 Responses

  1. Dark Matter

    We all have that relative who is going to disrupt the Thanksgiving dinner harmony this year. It’ll likely be a man. I don’t want to be sexist, but it will.

    Nope. The solution we’ve come up with is to not invite her. That was for the official Thanksgiving dinner which already happened. For the current one on Thanksgiving day various family members will be with friends or other family… or even just alone rather than be with her.Report

  2. InMD

    First this was just excellent. I love the bait and switch and was totally convinced I was about to read something insufferable. I was even ready with a ‘here we go again’ comment. Well done.

    Second, the audacity of FIFA to have this little tournament during football season is deserving of an epic smackdown. I host Thanksgiving at my house because I love it, but this just gave me another reason- mortgage payer’s veto over what’s on tv.Report

  3. Burt Likko

    [Shakes fist at Gareth Bale, in Welsh]Report

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