Weekend Plans Post: I want my hour back hour back hour back.


Jaybird is Birdmojo on Xbox Live and Jaybirdmojo on Playstation's network. He's been playing consoles since the Atari 2600 and it was Zork that taught him how to touch-type. If you've got a song for Wednesday, a commercial for Saturday, a recommendation for Tuesday, an essay for Monday, or, heck, just a handful a questions, fire off an email to AskJaybird-at-gmail.com

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  1. fillyjonk

    Well, I will need to go in and grade and do more SysBot preparation; working this afternoon got interrupted by scary weather (apparently there was a tornado about 10 miles south of me, and possibly one east). So I spent part of the afternoon sitting on the bathroom floor recovering my long-dormant Mastodon account (just in case Twitter winds up in the sh***er, thanks to it now being a vanity purchase of someone with far more money than sense) and checking the weather radio

    I also need to start a gift project (something small: a hat or fingerless mitts) for a gift exchange I take part in the first part of December. That may be tonight though I’ve only got as far as pulling a couple pattern books off the shelf.

    It’s still raining like mad out there; I had had plans to go down to the farm store south of town that sells grassfed beef (and now is having baked goods from a local baker on Fridays – the place is only open Tuesdays and Fridays) but I’m not going out in this, maybe next Tuesday for the beef….Report

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