A Movie About Everything And Everywhere, And Its All At Once

Luis A. Mendez

Boricua. Floridian. Theist. Writer. Critic. Oscar Predictor. Godzilla Fanboy. Member Of The Critics Association Of Central Florida And The Puerto Rico Critics Association.

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  1. Michael Siegel

    This movie blew me away. I went in completely cold — bought in on blu-ray just because so many people I trust said ti was good. And I was laughing and getting choked up at the same time by the end. I loved this movie and it should get all the awards.

    Also — while everyone is rightfully talking about Yeoh and Hsu — Ke Huy Quan was amazing! He played three different versions of Waymond and played them all to perfections, someone managing to channel Tony Leung from Won Kar Wai’s movies. Is this what his retirement from acting deprived us of?Report

  2. Jaybird

    This looks like an absolutely lovely movie and I’ve seen it praised from here to the moon and back.

    The worst criticism I’ve seen of it was “it was really good! It just wasn’t, you know, really really good. Let me talk about the people who praised it too much for a few paragraphs…”

    SO I WANT TO SEE IT! But there is something scratched by this sentence here: “Overnight the critical praise for it was unlike anything I’ve seen since maybe 2019’s Parasite.”

    Is Parasite still around? It was huge! There were culture war fights galore about it! And then… bloop. Gone like Avatar.Report

  3. Doctor Jay

    I saw it last night. I really enjoyed it. There was a moment where I said to myself, “If only it were that easy” and then, lo and behold, it wasn’t that easy. I’m very impressed.

    Now I’m pondering whether the film is a Hero’s Journey. It would be unusual, since the central character is not a young person, and a Hero’s Journey is more of a young person thing. There’s a lot of “looking back” in the film, which is kinda not a hero’s journey thing, and yet …

    It has all the basic elements. The Call, the Temple Guardians, The Heart of Everything, and The Father. The Hero is changed and her change allows her to change her home. Huh.Report

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