The Mar-a-Lago Search Warrant: Read It For Yourself

Andrew Donaldson

Born and raised in West Virginia, Andrew has since lived and traveled around the world several times over. Though frequently writing about politics out of a sense of duty and love of country, most of the time he would prefer discussions on history, culture, occasionally nerding on aviation, and his amateur foodie tendencies. He can usually be found misspelling/misusing words on Twitter @four4thefire and his writing website Yonder and Home. Andrew is the host of Heard Tell podcast.

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3 Responses

  1. Philip H

    So the inventory bites a number of documents labeled classified, secret or too secret. Amusingly there are documents specific to granting Roger Stone’s commutation, as well as Presidential Papers and communications. Those general heading could cover a lot – and when paired with the top secret and other classified materials it does still raise further questions. Most importantly – we’re these documents subpoenaed earlier this year, and if so why weren’t they turned over.Report

  2. Chip Daniels

    Skimming around the internets, it looks like a race to the bottom to see which toady can go on the tee vee and spin the most outrageously stupid excuse.

    They’ve already burned through “witchhunt” then “planted evidence” and are now all braying about how he secretly declassified them with his mental powers.Report

  3. Marchmaine

    Info re: President of France

    … there’s the makings of a good FX Hulu show in just that.

    Other than that, hope they got what they were looking for.Report

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