Both Parties DON’T Do The Same Things: Michigan Governor’s Race Edition

Philip H

Philip H is an oceanographer who makes his way in the world trying to use more autonomy to sample and thus understand the world's ocean. He's a proud federal scientist, husband, father, woodworker and modelrailroader. The son of a historian and public-school teacher and the nephew and grandson of preachers, he believes one of his greatest marks on the world will be the words he leaves behind. To that end he writes here at OT and blogs very occasionally at District of Columbia Dispatches. Philip's views are definitely his own, and in no way reflect the official or unofficial position of any agency he works for now or has worked for in his career. If you disagree, take it up with him, not Congress.

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7 Responses

  1. Dark Matter

    I’d rather have him arrested now than after he won the primary. Big picture there probably isn’t a good time for this but this is less bad than others.Report

  2. Chip Daniels

    I can understand a Republican who, when faced with an embarrassing scandal by a member, feels the instinct to rush to their defense.
    Its a natural reaction after all, and its common for scandals to be thinly veiled partisan attacks.

    But here they have an opportunity- There are several Republicans, people whose commitment to the cause of conservativism are above reproach, who are leading the charge against the treasonous seditionists.

    Meaning, there is already a bipartisan effort being made to defend American democracy- its not as if in order to oppose the seditionists one needs to embrace Marxism or something.

    America is at a pivotal moment when democracy itself is hanging in the balance- the citizens can choose to prosecute and punish those who would destroy us, or meekly cringe and accept it.Report

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