The Month in Theaters May 2022

Russell Michaels

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  1. Pinky

    The Shadow was one of those generic revenge-driven hero movies of the era. They’ve never really figured out the formula for those, and they’re often made with low-level characters and next to no money. Darkman, The Crow, I guess Blade was similar but it’s the only one that was really successful. They’ve even extended into the modern superhero era with things like The Punisher and Constantine. I think the companies have decided that those work best as tv shows. The idea is sound. Revenge is a great motivator, and personal stories don’t require too much CGI. But you have to make them interesting.

    I finally saw Green Lantern recently. It’s not terrible, but they made serious blunders in every aspect of the movie. It’s one of those that might work on repeated watching, once you start to filter out the slipups. But there’s no signature scene or role that would make me want to come back. Maybe the lamest part is the theme of will versus fear. They could have replace those two words with any two words and it would have played out the same. Join the side of marshmallow! Turn away from Nebraska! The power of Nebraska will liberate you from marshmallow!Report

  2. Burt Likko

    Enjoyed the reviews a lot and of what I’ve seen, I largely agree with you.

    Maybe not directly related to the subject matter, but of great interest to me: the feature picture for the article, a Cinemark multiplex, looked REALLY familiar to me. Including the general shape of the mountains and the color the sky in the background. So I looked up the photographer on Wikimedia Commons. He has a lot of pictures in and around my former haunts in Southern California. So it might actually be the multiplex where I’ve seen hundreds of movies. (Allowing for the possibility that buildings of this nature are going to be pretty cookie-cutter, of course; mountains are all unique, but in a different sense, they’re also all alike.)Report

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