Saturday Morning Gaming: Scoring Systems


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  1. Kazzy

    Mayo plays soccer and games are getting more competitive and legit. New game is “Can I drink more beers than they score?” With tonights 1-1 draw, I took home the gold with 2.5 beers during the 50 minute game. Gooooooooooooool!Report

  2. Dark Matter

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    Every player has different victory conditions. The idea is every group is trying to take over the world in a different way. Well, Servants of Cthulhu is trying to summon Cthulhu and destroy the world but close enough.Report

  3. North

    I’m fond of Terraforming Mars where victory point accumulation is primarily done via terraforming rating and your TR also dictates how much money you get every round to do stuff. It’s pretty nice change from so many games where accumulating VP’s are an alternative to accumulating resources to do stuff in game.Report

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