Saturday Morning Gaming: Checking in on Darkest Dungeon II


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  1. Jaybird

    Oh my gosh. There are backstories for the characters. Like, you learn how the Highwayman became a highwayman.Report

  2. JHG

    Wow. The original. My son was/is great at that game. Tried to teach me. Guess I didn’t really give it the time it needed, because it always felt like I had to read the Players Handbook(tm) every time I tried to play it. And, the feeling of being unbalanced the whole time, though not as bad as Tharsis and the like.

    I’ll have to give the sequel a go (when it goes on sale on PlayStation).


    Oh, and, Hi Jaybird. I hope you (and yours) have been well, given the circumstances of the intervening time since I last wrote to you. We’re ok. Sh*t’s fu*ked up, though.Report

    • Jaybird in reply to JHG


      When I wrapped my mind around how I wasn’t playing the fighter, the thief, the cleric but was, instead, playing the old man in the corner of the tavern with the map, beckoning those players to come over and listen to my story… well, I got a lot better at the game. Waaaaaay more depressing though.

      The new game has you identify more with the fighter, the thief, the cleric. They’re not quite as disposable as in the first game.

      I don’t think that the sequel benefits from this…

      But it’s not done quite yet.

      We’ve been great, thanks for asking! The pandemic messed us up good and hard (we were on lockdown for a year) and we managed to dodge it so far (knock wood) and I’ve gained 20 pounds dodging it.

      Glad to know you guys are okay. Yes. I agree.Report

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