POETS Day! One for the Kids: Shel Silverstein

Ben Sears

Ben Sears is a writer and restaurant guy in Birmingham, Alabama. He lives quite happily across from a creek with his wife, two sons, and an obligatory dog. You can follow him on Twitter and read his blog, The Columbo Game.

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5 Responses

  1. Oscar Gordon

    Where the sidewalk ends was the first book of poems I got for my son, and he’s always loved it.Report

  2. Em Carpenter

    I knew when I read the first paragraph this was going to be the one with Peggy Ann McKay! I love Silverstein. My favorite poem of his, accompanied by an adorable illustration in the book:

    My beard grows
    To my toes
    I never wears no clothes
    I wraps my hair
    Around my bare
    And down the road I goes.Report

  3. Mike Schilling

    The poem in the title image starts:

    Now in the laid-back California town of sunny San Rafael
    Lived a girl named Pearly Sweetcake–you probably knew her well
    She was stoned 15 of her 18 years, and her story was widely told
    That she could smoke ‘em faster than anyone could roll

    And the term 420 really was invented at San Rafael High school.Report

  4. Jaybird

    In… 3rd grade? We were tasked with reciting a poem from Where The Sidewalk Ends.

    I want to say that “It’s Dark In Here” was mine.

    I don’t know for sure but if it wasn’t that one, I have no idea which it was.Report

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