Vacation Homes and Tupperware

Jennifer Worrel

Jennifer Worrel is a transplant from the Great Plains raising two sons and a husband in Metro Atlanta. Extremely likable until you get to know her, she remains a great invite to a dinner party. She prefers peeing in the woods to peeing on private planes and was once told by her husband that she is “way funnier online.” Writes about whatever interests her, she knows a little about a lot. For fun, she enjoys cooking from scratch and watching old Milton Friedman videos on YouTube. Jennifer's thoughts are her own and do not represent the views or position of any firm or affiliate she is lucky enough to associate with.

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3 Responses

  1. fillyjonk

    Truth. I once had someone I thought of as a friend until I realized the ONLY time I got invited to her house for anything was one of those home-sales jewelry parties. I came up with a quick excuse and wrote them off my list.

    Frankly I was wondering if the vacation-home thing you referenced was…..a time-share pitch? (Do they still do time-shares? I remember a few wasted Saturday afternoons when my frugal dad wanted the set of steak knives and the chance at a bigger “prize” and so we all had to sit through the sales pitch)Report

    • Damon in reply to fillyjonk

      I attended 1 time share meeting, while my parents and I were on vacation in Mexico. It LITERALLY was us getting on a bus, going off to Tulum, sitting for a presentation for 30 minutes, then the guy said, “out those doors is the BBQ and buffet, beyond that the beach. Be back at the buss by 3pm. We didn’t buy anything.
      God that was a trip.Report

  2. Oscar Gordon

    That Dodge Aspen ran great because you couldn’t kill that slant 6 engine with an axe. My first car was an Aspen sedan and the car was basically falling apart around the engine, but the engine just kept going.Report

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