It Gets Under Your Skin: RFID Chip And Biometric Data

Maura Alwyen

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9 Responses

  1. Oscar Gordon says:

    RFID tags are about as secure as tying everything to your SSN, i.e. the number is useless without other information.

    The fact that somebody has my SSN alone is insufficient to invade my privacy, they need more information.

    If we all had to (and that is a big if, right there) have an implanted RFID, the ID alone would not be a big deal. The concern would be on the databases that the ID is linked to and how secure those are. Just like all the databases that have your SSN.

    As for the ability to read an RFID from a distance, I promise you that as fast as the scanner tech rolls out, ways to block or spoof it will follow so fast your head will spin.Report

  2. Jaybird says:

    “Conspiracy Theory” just means “Prematurely Correct” anymore.Report

  3. Pinky says:

    It’s not a conspiracy theory to note that something’s creepy or has the potential for abuse. The conspiracy theory is when people speculate that there’s a group planning to exploit that potential.

    Also, I’m picturing the 1940’s version being the size and weight of a brick.Report

  4. Eduard de Jong says:

    I’m afraid, there is a bit of technology confusion in this piece. NFC is the contactless communication between a chip and a reader that wraps two, very different techniques: RFID and contactless smart cards (ISO/IEC 14443). RFID is low frequency, low bandwidths communication, intense to read passive devices(ship). Smart cards have a processor that handles communication based on a protocol that can be protected with cryptography. The tags used in tollroads use a much higher radio frequency and not compatible with NFC.
    Contactless payments use the same payment protocol as a contact smart card, which has been specified by the EMV (Europay, Masrercard, Visa) consortium, only using the above mentioned contactless protocol. A contactless payment card chip can be encapsulated in a glass capsule together with a tine coil that is its antenna. Such a capsule can then be placed under the skin. What is injected for contactless payments not an RFID chip. (RFID chips are injected for identifying pets).
    While the ISO/IEC standard specifies a privacy protecting protocol to start up communication, which, if enables, prevents easy tracking of the chip, the EMV protocol may still leak identifying information in the form of the card number. To read that number requires a noticiable part of a second.
    Anyway, like any other contactless payment, without an actual secured card payment terminal it won’t be possible to complete a payment transaction. And some payment will trigger a request to enter a PIN.
    For the issue of replacing direct cash, banknotes and coins with indirect, EMV type, electronic payments injecting the chip is just a side show.Report

  5. Dark Matter says:

    In the future, we will all be cyborgs. Not ugly like the Star Trek ‘Bork. Woman’s Fashion (and Men’s too) will never allow that.Report