Giving Thanks for the American Bacchanal

John David Duke Jr

David was begotten and conceived in the ordinary way in the middle of 1972, possibly on his father's birthday. Since then, it's been an unremarkable go, except for the time his dad took him to help disarm a Cherokee woman who was shooting at her mother with a rifle.

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  1. Pinky

    I don’t know about this. It seems fair to post a reminder about gratitude, moderation, and maybe even donation. But are people as bad as you’re implying? Hospitality is also a virtue. In our current generation (and especially the last two years), family get-togethers are too rare. Eight extra pies are a way of showing love.

    If Thanksgiving is a uniquely American version of traditional harvest thanks, then it has to be noted that America is also uniquely generous. Not only financially (before someone brings up tax write-offs, it’s estimated that 5/6 of our charitable donations don’t qualify for or aren’t taken as deductions). We also have done more good and lost more of our own lives for other peoples’ freedom, without taking a scrap of land (at least in any of our lifetimes).

    We are none of us as grateful as we should be. And our total spending on luxuries is absurd. But most people do more good than anyone else notices.Report

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