Saturday Morning Gaming: Wandering through Pierre the Maze Detective


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  1. Jaybird

    Epic Game Store has Guild of Dungeoneering as its free game this week. It’s a delightful romp. You should check it out.Report

    • Reformed Republican in reply to Jaybird

      Epic gamestore also has Radiohead’s Kid A Mnesiac exhibition available for free. Worth checking out if you are a fan of the band.

      I played some Myst VR. It’s neat to revisit the game I played as a kid. Don’t know how appealing it would be to people who aren’t nostalgic about the title, though.

      I’ve also caught up to where I was in my previous Fire Emblem: Three Houses playthrough. I think I’ll finish it this time around. My wife also decided to try it out, and ended up getting herself a copy.Report

  2. Jaybird

    Steam Sale has kicked off!

    I’d point you to XCom 2 (which is 90% off), Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic I and II ($3.50 each!), and Doom (2016) (SIX BUCKS! THIS IS A STEAL!).Report

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