Saturday Morning Gaming: Diablo II’s shortcomings (and some defenses of them)


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5 Responses

  1. Pinky

    I’ve only recently started using the skills reset. It offends my old school role-playing sensibility. But there are some ideas that won’t work at levels 1-40, but blossom in the end game.

    Also, I’ve been playing around with upgrading items. I guess this is a basic strategy, but I’ve only just figured it out. Some of those low-level items can be made exceptional or elite and actually work for a higher-level character.Report

  2. Fish

    I’ve been thinking about Diablo II all wrong.

    It’s not an adventure/RPG.

    It’s a Roguelite.Report

  3. North

    I remember in the aughts Blizzard was the shiz. In the teens Wow was getting old but at least they were making new games and WOw was still a fountain of cash and an MMO colossus. Now they are just the new Squenix reskinning their old games and cannibalizing their past for monies. I don’t know if there is a lesson there. Maybe all game developers descend to that in time. It just feels sad to me.Report

  4. Jaybird

    OH! “Among The Sleep” is Epic Game Store’s free game this week.

    It’s a delightfully creepy atmospheric horror game where you are a toddler having a nightmare.

    It’s short, but it’s good.Report

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