Professional Wrestling is More Real than Politics


Motoconomist is a motorcycle riding economist comfortably squirreled away in the bowels of the federal bureaucracy, whose normal day job involves helping prevent the mistakes of the Great Recession. He lives in the Washington, DC Metro Area with his wife, his dog, and his 3 year old daughter. He often rambles about voting issues (he is a recognized expert on estimating voter behavior), housing policy and urban growth on twitter as @motoconomist.

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13 Responses

  1. Oscar Gordon says:

    Not surprising, but good to remember.

    I don’t like being ‘worked’, it’s one of the reasons I don’t watch interviews with politicians.Report

  2. Jaybird says:

    The phenomenon of the Tweener explains Trump.

    “How come they aren’t big fans of Clinton? We’re pushing her like she’s the biggest babyface the world has ever seen!!!”Report

  3. Chip Daniels says:

    Looks like the clowns in Congress did it again. What a bunch of clowns.Report

  4. Saul Degraw says:

    If only we could have politics without politics, all of our problems would be solved!

    Ideology is a very real thing and large parts of the media-pundit industrial complex are dedicated to pretending that there is no such thing as ideology and cab drivers and diner goers across America are really interested in entitlement reform and lowering the corporate tax rate.

    But ideology does exist and the evidence shows the parties and their bases are growing further apart.Report

  5. CJColucci says:

    Unless my opponent insists otherwise, and some do, I am generally cordial with opposing counsel outside the courtroom. Not only is that the right way to behave, a small but real consideration, but things go a lot smoother that way. Once in front of the judge or jury, however, each of us throws punches, hard but, generally, above the belt. This should surprise exactly nobody, though clients are sometimes confused.
    I never thought politics was any different.Report

  6. Jaybird says:

    If you want 2016 explained in a nutshell, you have to go to Hulk Hogan.