Weekend Plans Post: Disneyland


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  1. North says:

    Have fun!!Report

  2. Michael Cain says:

    Pirates of the Caribbean. Haunted mansion. Space Mountain. Don’t go ANYWHERE close to It’s a Small World, at least if they still have the music.Report

  3. Marchmaine says:

    It is a little known fact that going to Disney with Boss’s kids grants a plenary indulgence (under the usual conditions).

    My wife and I have our private Covid-19 liberation day set for May 8; and as patriarch, I’ve set our public liberation day for June 1. The CDC is welcome to call me for rhetorical tips and graphics, if they’d like. Our 23yo is already vaxxed as childcare worker, the 20yo got first dose yesterday at the Amazon warehouse he’s been working at this past semester, and 17yo is signed up and should get one in the next month or so…

    Otherwise this weekend look to be mostly meh, chores, repairs, pastures, downed trees, maybe some stumps…Report

  4. Slade the Leveller says:

    2nd shot today. Here’s my post-COVID plan: https://youtu.be/btAbU1sPqIM

    The weekend may or may not be spent dealing with the after effects of said vaccine. At least the weather will be nice.Report

  5. Michael Cain says:

    Off to an early start on weekend fun. I managed to fall on my bicycle this morning. Abrasions and contusions, and a cracked helmet liner. Equipment failure started it — I heard the front tube go POP! part way around the curve in the trail. You know, I suspect that 40 years ago I could have handled that without falling.

    The old helmet is all grays and black. I think this time I’ll get something really garish.Report

  6. Kazzy says:

    What’re the mask rules in Florida? Orlando? Disney? Are you just following the rules? Doing more than is required? Just curious how it’s going.

    NY/NJ hasn’t changed much despite a dramatically improving situation. But we’ve been doing outdoor dining all year and did some indoor once we were vaxxed. We’ve done zoos and museums but they all still require masks indoors and out. I’m trying to envision how I’ll handle actual freedom like what you may be experiencing. I’m not concerned about my own risk but want to be a good citizen. So I probably wear my mask more than I maybe need to, but I don’t mind. I just don’t want to be the maskless bozo in an area that still shames the maskless.

    Have fun!!!!!!!!Report

    • Jaybird in reply to Kazzy says:

      A research said that the mask rules restrict like you could not lower your mask except to take a sip of water or whatever from a drink and you could not walk and drink because people would just keep their mask pulled down. So the rules were you had to stop walking, drink, and then put down your bottle and pull down your mask in one smooth motion. The rules aren’t quite that strict now. You still have to wear masks but you can walk and sip.

      I wish the CDC rules had made it down here but I understand why they haven’t.Report

      • Kazzy in reply to Jaybird says:

        That’s just for Disney?

        It’s interesting how specific they are. We’ve gone to major venues… Bronx Zoo, the Met, Natural History Museum… and they all required masks but I never saw such specificity outlined. The Met was probably the strictest, go so far as to bar gaiter-style masks (my preferred style) but offering free surgical masks to anyone who needed it.

        But it would make sense that an organization as big and deep pocketed and PR-sensitive as Disney would go above and beyond to avoid anything bad happening or even the optics that they weren’t taking this seriously.

        What about the rest of Florida? Do you find yourself being more cautious than the rules require? Or are you reveling in the freedom to not have to stop-and-sip or it’s equivalent everywhere you go? From reading your posts, I got the impression you were being more cautious than many so am wondering if/how that has changed now that you’re A) vaccinated and B) in a state that is less cautious.

        I sometime feel like I’m the ONLY person wearing a mask in certain situations and then immediately I’m the person being least cautious in others. But that may be all in my head. It’s such a weird world currently. More than anything, I don’t want to make anyone ELSE feel uncomfortable, so even if I tested negative yesterday and am fully vaxxed and have no reason to think I need to wear a mask while walking past someone on the street, if I see them aggressively tug theirs up as they pass, I tend to read that as, “I’M STILL VERY CAUTIOUS!” so I try to pull mine up for the 3 seconds we’re within 10 feet of each other as a sign of good faith.Report

        • Michael Cain in reply to Kazzy says:

          Yesterday I followed the CDC guidance and rode my bike without a mask. I’m fully vaccinated and paid attention to maintain social distancing. Since I was riding by myself, that was easy enough. Real mixed bag on the trail and in the parks about whether people had on masks or not.Report

        • Jaybird in reply to Kazzy says:

          Nah, in parking lots or walking to the pool, we are pretty much maskless. But Disney has strict protocols and cast members will walk up to people not in compliance and cheerfully remind them of the rules.Report

          • Kazzy in reply to Jaybird says:

            Now I’m just imagining the Mickey voice discussing mask policy.

            Damn you, Covid… that’s nightmare fuel.

            Have a great time! Glad to hear it worked out for all involved parties.Report

          • DensityDuck in reply to Jaybird says:

            Some of my family visited DW a couple weeks ago and they said the same thing; that Disney “cast members” would certainly confront anyone who might have, in an excess of excitement, forgotten to fully and completely wear their mask.

            They also said that SeaWorld’s visitors were far less interested in wearing masks, and that while the place had the same policy the enforcement staff was weedy teenagers mumbling at people (versus Disney, where the staff assigned to this task appeared to have been chosen for their imposing presence and extraordinary politeness, sort of like the big rock guy from Thor 3.)Report

  7. DensityDuck says:

    Some of my family visited DW a couple weeks ago, and they said that A) for the time of year, the number of people milling about the park was about the same, but the lines were a lot shorter; and B) the biggest noticeable difference was that almost all the smaller food-and-gift-shop stands scattered about the park were closed, because the staff who worked them only got paid minimum wage and they were better off with unemployment benefits. The crew was, apparently, surprisingly candid about this, or at least not particularly cautious to avoid discussing it within earshot of park attendees. (They do get paid for all the hours they work, and they seemed content enough to be pulling ten- or twelve-hour shifts instead of six-to-eight.)Report

    • Jaybird in reply to DensityDuck says:

      Yeah, there were a bunch of little places where I’d normally get a Mickey-shaped ice-cream novelty or a Mickey-themed Coca-Cola Product that was just up’n closed.

      I will have more deets when my brain is no longer fried.Report

  8. Jaybird says:


    I got in the front door and fell apart, like a car at the end of a 1950’s sitcom about going on vacation.Report