Saturday Morning Gaming: Still Looking for a PS5


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  1. Jaybird

    Oh, and the three free games on Epic Store this week are surprisingly good (if awesome games that came out a while back)

    Tales of Deponia
    Ken Follet’s Pillars of the Earth
    The First Tree

    Surprisingly strong offerings! All at the same time! For Free!Report

  2. Peter Moore

    The issue isn’t really the miners or with Sony or Microsoft. The issue is a shortage of important chips across the entire electronics industry, including those used to build the graphics cards and consoles. The miners just exacerbate the problem by increasing the demand for an already scarce resource.

    Sony and Microsoft depend on AMD CPU and graphics chips. But AMD only designs their chips; it doesn’t build them. Instead AMD outsources production to TSMC, a Taiwanese fabrication house. Similarly Nvidia outsources its chip production to TSMC, along with Qualcomm and Apple. On top of that, TSMC builds chips used in 5g mobile phones and automotive electronics.

    So all this demand is being funneled through TSMC and a few other other fabrication houses, and their capacity isn’t enough for the current burst of demand. Increasing fabrication capacity can’t be done quickly: a new fab line can take several years and billions of dollars (This is why companies like AMD changed to outsourcing in the first place) And fabrication facilities would much rather investing in creating next generation fab lines rather investing billions in the previous (and soon to be obsolete) generation. So the current backlog will be have be serviced through existing lines and isn’t expected to resolved until 2022

    A good article on this is

  3. fillyjonk

    there was a news story here that allegedly a guy FINALLY found a PS5 on mail order, and it arrived, only to be porch-pirated.

    I dunno, that would doubly hurt: the theft, but also that it’s an incredibly hard-to-find thing. (The guy got a refund – I was surprised, I figured any seller would kinda shrug and go “not our problem, man, take it up with your homeowner’s insurance”)Report

  4. Jaybird

    2nd Shot Review:


    2PM: Okay. My head is too big. Let’s sit in the basement.

    5PM: I have Executive Function Problems. Good thing I’m playing video games!

    8PM: My arm hurts. Dang. Seriously. My arm hurts. Ouch. I’d do something if I had any gas in my tank.Report

  5. Jaybird

    I got the second Skelly statue. I will not be getting the third.Report

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