Saturday Morning Gaming: On Fighting For Your Purpose



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  1. Avatar Reformed Republican

    I got Hades, and I was playing pretty regularly for a while. Unfortunately, I got distracted. I need to get back to it. However, Monster Hunter: Rise comes out this week, so I doubt it will happen anytime soon.

    Right now, I have been playing a lot of Dark Souls, slowly making my way through. That progress will probably grind to a halt now (see above). I also got Stellaris with a few expansions from a Humble Bundle, which I have also been playing when I have a good chunk of time to burn. Like all good strategy games, it’s not a good idea to load it up if I only have a few minutes to kill. I’m still pretty early into it, but I will have more free time after this week, so I should be able to really dig in.

    I got the free copy of The Fall, though I know nothing about it. I am intrigued now, so it will also go into the queue.Report

  2. Avatar James K

    Hades is a spectacular game, I strongly recommend it.Report

  3. Avatar Fish

    Still playing Oxygen Not Included. I learn something in the nature of, “Why haven’t I been building that particular thing like this all along?!” every time I start a new colony.

    Today’s “game,” however, consists of writing scripts to manage the reorganization of my mp3 library. Things are going swimmingly, but thank the Users that I followed my own advice and backed everything up before I started live-firing the script!Report

  4. Avatar DavidTC

    Just finished Outer Worlds, including both DLCs, full playtime at 60 hours. I think I completed everything, although they have no completion meter or anything, so I don’t know. And…it was still kinda thin.

    I was immensely happy to see the traditional ‘RPG ending narrative summary of how you left everything and what the future holds’ at the end. Once again, The Outer World manages to take the best concepts of every single RPG and use them.

    They also took the Mass Effect ‘Different allies you helped show up in different places during the last push to the end’, slightly spoiled by the fact that a) I was going as disguised so didn’t really need combat help, and b) the ending combat there was not particularly hard anyway, like, I certainly didn’t need help clearing out those ten different mooks.

    There was a somewhat difficult boss fight at the very very end. And I say ‘somewhat difficult’ as in…not actually difficult. I actually went and _used_ some of the buffs I’d been saving the entire game, and did a tiny but of strategy, and…that was it.

    I was playing as Normal, if I play it again, I’m ramping the difficulty all the way up, because I had so little difficulties with the combat. And…I actually often suck at RPG combat, so…this game is turned way down, for ‘normal’ at least

    The last DLC was kinda fun being framed as a murder mystery. Although it suffered for…well, no spoilers, but let’s just say that figuring out whodunnit doesn’t matter, at all, because when you accuse someone (anyone, right or wrong), that is what trips the next part of the plot, and you immediately learn the truth. I spent a few hours wandering around assuming I could find something to _confirm_ I was right, and eventually just shrugged and moved forward…and I was, but I didn’t even get any XP or real acknowledgment for getting it right, because, bam, PLOT STUFF.

    But, ultimately…yeah. The game is just sorta there. Not exciting, and some of the stuff that seemed simple, in retrospect, seems _too_ simple. Like, you just end up pumping money into tinkering with armor.

    Oh, and for some really weird reason…as a completionist, I’m used to getting…way way up in the levels. And there are skill checks way up there. I was running around at endgame and there are skill checks for 150 points in things (That’s the max) and I’m frowning and looking my skill list that doesn’t have _anything_ over 80, and most things at 60, except for the stuff I didn’t put any points in like melee, and I’m wondering how the hell I could have 150 points in _anything_…I mean, I could, if I randomly focused on just a few things, yes, but…no. Companions do greatly bump the skills up, but there are a few they don’t, and trying to make sure you have the right one is really annoying.

    And yes, the weird thing was, I felt seriously overleveled for the _enemies_, and I think I actually was at the level cap! *checks internet*. The starting level cap was at 30, the first DLC added three, and I can’t find what the second one did, but I’m at 36 so I guess it added three also. So yeah, level cap. And I’m sitting here with _maybe_ a third of the skill points.Report

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