The Ethics of Sport: Heading Home

Clare Briggs

Clare Briggs is a famous cartoonist who lived from 1875 to 1930. Poems by Wilbur Nesbitt.

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2 Responses

  1. Kolohe

    I’m wondering if in 1908 this was ahead of a trend, or on trend.

    That is, I had thought that thin women were not considered ‘conventionally attractive’ until Hollywood really started to get going in the late 1910’s-early 1920’sReport

    • Michael Cain in reply to Kolohe

      Scattered through the Colorado Capitol building are a bunch of blow-ups of photographs of Denver from around 1905. One of the things that you notice is how skinny most of the people are. So much so that you start wondering why everyone’s head is so darned big. The one exception is the one taken in the Senate chamber. Even then, Senators were old, white, and overweight.Report

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