Saturday Morning Gaming: Replaying the Portals



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  1. Avatar Geoff ARNOLD

    “The cake is a lie” occurs during one of the many Easter Egg moments in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.Report

  2. Avatar North

    Portal and Portal 2 are games that you can queue up a walkthrough (no commentary for the love of God[ess?]!!!) and watch end to end like some kind of brilliant movie. Like, if they had been made as a movie I would expect said movie to win awards. Even in 2021 the visuals are fantastic- you’d never guess their age. The story in the game is fishing brilliant- subtly done initially and then overtly amazing. The voice actress for GLADOS turns in a performance for the ages. On top of that the humour is utterly hysterical, brilliant and at points over the top in the best ways.

    Every element of the game is incredible and Portal 2 merely takes everything that was good about Portal (which was, mind, an afterthought addon to a larger gaming suite) and amps it up to an 11. Have you seen the advertisements for Apertures’ features narrated by “Cave Johnson”? Portal 2 is the sequel every game and gamer dreams of in their wildest dreams.

    I second everything Jaybird says. If you can play it, play it now. If you haven’t played it watch it on youtube like a movie and prepare for an hour and change extremely well spent.

    My personal favorite line: The main character has opened a door labelled “GLADOS shutdown and cake repository” well aware that it’s a setup. GLADOS, as she captures you dryly comments that she had 40 or so more traps intended to capture you after this one failed- had she known it would be this easy she’d have just dangled a turkey leg from a string.” I had to pause the game from laughing so hard.

    Also- birds. They are evil killing machines.Report

  3. Avatar Brandon Berg

    I liked Slush Puppies better than Slurpees. The texture was kind of weird, with larger, harder ice crystals floating in liquid rather than a homogenous blend, but they had a nice, tart flavor rather than the bland sweetness of a Slurpee.Report

  4. Avatar Andy

    Yeah, portal is great, it’s been a while since I’ve played it.

    Currently, I’ve started on XCOM2, which has been on my wish-list for years, but a game I never did pick up. Steam had a sale this week (might still be on) with the game and all DLC and expansions for $20.Report

  5. Avatar DensityDuck

    Me at work: “It’s a Weighted Companion Cube, like in Portal!”
    Coworker: “huh?”
    Me: (Googles ‘Companion Cube’) “it’s this!”
    (images appear)
    (one image is a woman’s lower half, she’s wearing panties with a Companion Cube pattern)

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