Aging: Will You Still Need Me, Will you Still Feed Me?

John McCumber

John McCumber

John McCumber is a cybersecurity executive, retired US Air Force officer, and former Cryptologic Fellow of the National Security Agency. In addition to his professional activities, John is a former Professorial Lecturer in Information Security at The George Washington University in Washington, DC and is currently a technical editor and columnist for Security Technology Executive magazine. John is the author of the textbook Assessing and Managing Security Risk in IT Systems: a Structured Methodology

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2 Responses

  1. Avatar gabriel conroy

    I have three years* before I start getting those mailings. I know the type of ads you’re talking about.

    About William Devaney: I didn’t recognize the name, so I Wikipedia’d him. He seems very, very familiar. But I’m not sure I’ve seen him in anything. At any rate, I don’t recognize most of the films listed there, except Dark Knight Rises and Marathon Man. He looks A LOT like my former general practitioner.

    About discounts: I used to work at a fast food restaurant inside a shopping mall, and we gave a 10% discount to people 55 or older (not that we carded anyone). However, we had what in practice amounted to a “super senior discount.” It was a 15% discount for members of the mall walkers club, all or almost all of whom were definitely seniors. They had a special card they showed to get the discount.

    Excellent post, by the way.

    *Knock on wood. None of us knows when we’ll die.Report

  2. Avatar Michael Cain

    My wife and I are a few years, although not many, past going on Medicare. Her memory issues have been diagnosed as likely early dementia, most likely Alzheimer’s just because it’s more common than the others. I meant the vows: yes, I’ll still need you; yes, I’ll still feed you.Report

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