Saturday Morning Gaming: Returning with Better Tools



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  1. Avatar KenB

    I almost commented last week re Guacamelee that I’d played it a few years ago (in a break from my break from playing video games) and enjoyed it, up until I got to a fight that I just couldn’t win while using just my macbook keyboard. I made some efforts to get my old PS3 controller to work, but without success, and I wasn’t committed enough to gaming at that point to actually buy one. But I’m sure that if I had, it would’ve immediately reduced the difficulty by 30%.Report

  2. Avatar Fish

    I bought Dragon Age: Inquisition (on physical media! in a plastic box! from a store!) and never did anything with it. I think I might install it to see if it scratches the itch I’ve gotten from watching Oldest Boy curse creatively at Dark Souls III.

    I also spent yesterday assembling parts from my own not-insignificant stores, used parts from a local computer shop, and a couple of parts from a big-box store to build myself a virtualization server. I downloaded VSphere 7.0 and I’ve got a 60-day evaluation license, after which I’ll be running unlicensed (because $$$$). I’m still waiting on a couple of (used) parts purchased from Newegg, including a replacement CPU because the one I have has a problem and takes a big poo after 10-15 minutes of uptime.

    So I’ll be playing with that once it’s finished.Report

  3. Avatar Jaybird

    Speaking of games, I understand that Tom Brady won one, finally.Report

  4. Avatar dhex

    isaac is so good, but yes twinsticks are a must. i’ve put in far too many hours.

    looking forward to the update dropping at the end of march.Report

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