Not An Escalation of Trumpism, An Acceleration of Consequences

Saana Allie

Saana Allie is one of those obnoxiously proud New Yorkers who needed a minute to consider Washington, DC home but it’s finally happened. Her passions are policy, politics, culture and about 47 creative projects she swears she will finish soon. Saana holds a Master’s Degree in International Relations and International Economics from Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies and also a pretty great TikTok account. She is most proud of having a 100% success rate sorting people into the appropriate Hogwarts House.

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3 Responses

  1. DavidTC says:

    BTW, since we are going to get plenty of lies about this, I thought I’d preemptively reveal one that Rudy has already started: John Sullivan. Supposed a BLM activist, who Anderson Cooper got duped into interviewing.

    Just…read this:

    Note the date of last November.

    They followed up post-insurrection with this thread, where they compiled lists of not only John’s absurd behavior, now documented across with information from a ton of BLM leaders but very suspicious activities like asking new activists to join ‘militias’, and his possible connections to law enforcement.

    Also the fact that, if you actually look at his feed, he’s not only almost purely posted violence, and calls for violence, but he’s also inexplicably liked a hell of a lot of far-right content.

    Now, people are wondering why I am mentioning this person, who has not shown up before here…I am doing it because the Second Big Lie (After ‘There was something wrong with the election, which is the First Big Lie) is that the DC insurrection was lead by BLM, Ruby has already started promoting it, with John Sullivan as the poster-boy, and I’m sure some people aren’t sure what to make this person.

    Well: This person is, at minimum, a fake BLM activist that is not trying to actually do anything for them, and merely trying to incite violence, and at worse he’s literally working for law enforcement.

    And thought maybe we, at Ordinary Times, could just _start_ with this information, instead of having people show up and start repeating the Second Big Lie, that leftist protestors ‘incited’ some of what happened.

    Because they didn’t. This guy did. And he’s either a lunatic activist that BLM disavowed, or he’s a government plant.Report

  2. Rufus F. says:

    I hope you’re right, but this is about the tenth turning point we’ve heard about America reaching in the last decade or so; nobody actually turned before. Just turned up the radio and kept driving cliff-wards.Report

  3. Michael Cain says:

    What I have read about Jenna Ryan all says that the private jet belongs to a friend who was going to Washington and invited Jenna along. At least some of her posts/tweets/whatever were all “Squeeee!!” about flying private.Report