2020 In Film: The Virus Complicates Cinema

Luis A. Mendez

He/Him, Husband, Pet Owner, Proud Floridian, Tampa Bay Sports Fan, Author, Cinephile, Gold Derby Film Awards Voter, Psephologist, Bourbon Guy

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4 Responses

  1. Pinky

    I feel like Marvel and Star Wars are the huge dinosaurs looking up at the meteor, while Blumhouse is a tiny mammal that can make a movie for $3 million.Report

  2. Jaybird

    I know that, back in 1994, The Last Seduction made it on a whole bunch of “best of” lists and everybody thought that
    Linda Fiorentino was going to get nominated for Best Actress but, nope. The movie showed on HBO before it showed in the theater and she was disqualified from consideration.

    That rule has changed, right?

    Or do they do a thing where they find a theater in Schenectady, run it for a week, and *THEN* put it on HBO (at which point it’s eligible for Oscar considerations)?

    I mean, I’d understand why they hadn’t changed that rule as of 1994. But I could see waiving it for 2020.Report

  3. Rufus F

    One of the interesting things this year was it became an ethical question about reviewing films that weren’t streaming. I have a lady friend who reviews films for NBC dot com and there was a big discussion about the topic of how to handle movies that people would have to see in theatres.Report

  4. Marchmaine

    Lady Marchmaine and I considered going to the Movies one of our “lame” date nights. But after a year of not having even lame dates we”re dreaming of lame. But even then our go-to was an Alamo which is like combining lame dinner with lame drinks and a lame movie. But it’s still better to have a beer and some quesadillas while watching super heroes destroy critical infrastructure.

    I’m thinking that there’s even more room for a Movie ‘Experience’ than Alamo. I mean, we already pay Alamo more than the price of the ticket… bump up the ‘experience’ and I’ll pay even more so that the lame date becomes a date date.

    The whole “you have to see it on the big screen” thing?… I believe that’s true for a tiny fraction. Most of us are fine watching movies -for the first time- one the back of an airline seat, on our computers, and heck, on our phones. It isn’t the screen. Change the experience, sell the experience. Otherwise I’m perfectly happy to experience the genius of Fatman this Christmas season on my TV.

    But I’d like to go out on a date with my wife again.Report

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