Thankful Just to Be Here

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6 Responses

  1. What a nice post. Thanks for writing it.Report

  2. Anne says:

    Thank you for this I really needed this. Husband and I have covid symptoms but tested negative. Son tested positive no symptoms. I have lots of anger at the person who exposed my son but did not let anyone know for over a week that they had been exposed. Our family will be delivering Thanksgiving dinner to us. I am thankful for my family and that we are all together right now and that my mom is separate from all thisReport

  3. North says:

    I am thankful for you still being here, writing this post for us and being part of our community.Report

  4. Slade the Leveller says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Merrie, and all that read this. After reading your earlier essay about your medical journey, it sounds as though you have much to be thankful for.Report

  5. We are thankful for YOU, Merrie! Wishing you the best of health in 2021 and for many more decades to come!Report

  6. Larry says:

    Glad you made through, Merrie! I hope you are still doing well and we all enjoy post.Report