Saturday Morning Gaming: Pinball (Virtually)


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4 Responses

  1. Fish says:

    I’ve gotten back into playing FTL again, trying to unlock the achievements for the Lanius cruiser. I got the “have 600 scrap” achievement, and in the process of getting that one I was reminded that you often have to spend money in order to make money.

    Nothing else is really grabbing my attention right now. I’m tempted to pick up Torchlight 3, but I’m hesitant because I never finished 1 or 2. The repetition gets to me after a while and I eventually end up abandoning the game before getting to the end.Report

  2. Jaybird says:

    Some Unironically Good News!


  3. Jaybird says:

    The tables just went on sale. If you were tempted to do this but were put off by the pricetag, it looks like all of the DLC is somewhere between 50% off and 75% off (a single DLC pack, Universal Monsters, is a mere 33% off but it looks like most packs are around 60% off).Report