Monthly Archive: November 2020

Democratic Party 123

Voting for Nothing For the Last Time

We get from the Democrats a not-so-polite “no,” with a hint of self-righteous anger and condescension, when we dare demand better from them.

homemade jam 8

Non-Doomsday Prepping: In a Jam

Disclaimer – I am a terrible person who likes to live life on the edge by doing things millions of people did all the time in the past.

Jimmy Carter button 11

Georgia, Everybody Loves You Now

Wherein I praise today as a stalwart beacon of that which is right and just what I yesterday condemned as backward and reactionary.

Turkey Rain 3

Turkey Rain

“As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.”

The last waltz 3

Thanksgiving Spin: The Last Waltz

Celebrating Thanksgiving with one of the world’s greatest vanity projects ever, The Band’s The Last Waltz

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