Saturday Morning Gaming: Cyberpunk. Delayed. Again.


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9 Responses

  1. Fish says:

    Still kind of mucking about with Long War 2, but the novelty of having so many missions and so many baddies on every mission is kind of starting to wear off. Among Us is tons of fun but that requires getting a handful of friends together or (ugh) playing with strangers online.

    Lots of games on my wish list are on sale, but nothing is really grabbing my interest.Report


    Not much of anything, tbh. I just want to say that I remember playing Half Life and having a lot of fun with it.

    Then I acquired Black Mesa, feeling a little younger and excited to see how the game’s been brought up-to-date with all the graphics and advancements.

    Black Mesa is an empty world with lots of walking coupled with autistically difficult fights. It feels like a depressing Sunday before a big test and the time drags more than waiting on jury duty. I got up to the point where I had to jump off the dam and swim and I just. couldn’t. continue. playing.

    Whomever made Black Mesa sucked the fun all out of Half Life in the name of fancy graphics.

    I want to blame myself for being older and having grown out of video games, but I just can not find anything redeeming with Black Mesa.Report

  3. Jaybird says:

    There’s a twitter bot that tweets whenever the RTX 3080 is found in stock in an online store.

    I have only had the privilege of seeing one of these tweets be less than a minute old once. I clicked the link, grabbed the card, and proceeded to checkout.

    Where I was informed that my cart was empty because the item was now out of stock.

    This is better than the stories I heard a couple of weeks ago where people would click on the link and crash the webpage.

    Maybe they’ll last 3 minutes before disappearing soon.Report

    • Brandon Berg in reply to Jaybird says:

      I’ve always gotten the impression that you’re somewhat cost-conscious when it comes to computer hardware. Why the sudden interest in a $700 video card?Report

      • Jaybird in reply to Brandon Berg says:

        I am exceptionally cost-conscious!

        But then we had a global pandemic and I went from spending my spare time on my computer to darn near all my time on the computer.

        This happened right around the same time that we stopped doing stuff. No more going out to eat. No more going out for entertainment. No more going out except for occasional trips to the pharmacy.

        You know Dave Ramsey hammering on and on about frivolous spending? He was talking about me.

        Anyway, I stopped doing all of that and putting all of my newfound energy into relearning how to cook and noticed that we had enough room in the budget for me to get a new computer. I wanted to future-proof this computer. I wanted to future-proof the heck out of it.

        So I am looking at that $700 video card.

        This is something that I *NEVER* would have done otherwise.

        But events conspired.Report

        • Fish in reply to Jaybird says:

          Right? I paid off my car even earlier than I had planned based on the amount of money I wasn’t spending on the gym, food, etc.

          That said…I really want to build I powerful Linux-based gaming rig, but I don’t reckon I make the kind of money where I can support two reasonably powerful gaming machines.Report

        • Brandon Berg in reply to Jaybird says:

          As I mentioned in a comment on one of these posts a few weeks ago, I think future-proofing is a sucker’s game. High-end parts tend to depreciate pretty rapidly, so in a few years you’ll be able to buy something better for half the price. Upgrading twice as often for half the price will generally get you better average performance than buying top-of-the-line components and sticking with them for several years.

          Personally, I think I’m going to wait for the 3060. Should be a solid improvement over the 1060 that’s still serving me reasonably well after four years.

          But I don’t know. Maybe performance improvements are slowing to the point where this won’t be true going forwards.Report

          • Jaybird in reply to Brandon Berg says:

            Well, I’ve figured out a new measuring tool. Ebay.

            Let’s say a $700 card comes out and is snatched up by a bot and immediately shipped to a guy who sells it on Ebay.

            At what pricepoint does it stop being worth the guy’s time to use bots to sell stuff on Ebay?

            Like, you put it up for auction and it sells for $2000. Heck yeah, I’m going to do that! I’m going to do that all day!

            You put it up for auction and it sells for $800. I can see how it’d be worth it to reship something for $100 profit, I guess. But I could easily see getting nervous and thinking that I wouldn’t want two or three of these things sitting on a shelf in the basement that I’d have to sell at cost plus shipping/handling. I’ve got different stuff I could be doing with my time that could be more like the $2000 deals than the Shipping/Handling deals.

            Here’s what Ebay looks like right now.

            As far as I can tell, at this very moment… Buy it nows aren’t moving at $1200. Bids on the cards are pushing it up to $1000… but not much further than that.

            We inch ever closer to “what they’re actually selling for”.

            At which point the 3060 will be available.Report

  4. Brandon Berg says:

    Maybe “Cyberpunk 2077” will turn out to be a more literal title than intended.Report