Saturday Morning Gaming: The World Of Darkness and Non-combat Centered Gaming



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  1. Avatar Alan Scott

    So I’m not playing it yet, but as far as vampire and werewolf games, I am deeply excited about the about-to-kickstart second edition of Urban Shadows, a tabletop RPG.

    Urban Shadows plays very much in the same fictional space as Vampire and the rest of the World of Darkness games, but the games have very different design approaches. WoD approach is mostly that rules are for figuring out fights and supernatural powers, but the most fun part of the game is when you set aside the rules and focus on the interpersonal and political drama. By contrast, US agrees that the interpersonal and political drama is the core of the game, so it has a lot of rules specifically designed to address that–the game has a lot of mechanics that center around debts and factional relationships and suchlike.

    I ran a really fun ongoing game set in San Francisco a few years back using the first edition, and have run and played shorter series and one-shots. It looks like the second edition is taking some extra steps to improve pacing and spotlight important interactions, and I can’t wait to dig into the quick-start rules that will be released when the Kickstarter goes live.Report

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