Saturday Morning Gaming: Doom 2016


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8 Responses

  1. Doctor Jay says:

    I’ve been playing a lot of Satisfactory, which is, in fact, a first-person shooter. Shooting things isn’t really the point (except when it is). Rather, building giant factories and buildings and hypertubes and trains. But there is a strong exploration subtheme, and all that unexplored territories has fauna that doesn’t like the look of your face.

    Really, I enjoy this game immensely.Report


    Proton still doesn’t want to run Disco Elysium on Ubuntu 18.04. Wondering about upgrading to the most recent LTS Ubuntu instead.

    Mind you, I am not disappointed. What really disappoints me is the awful update to the Android version of Firefox which nerfs any utility and the UI leaves little to be desired.Report

  3. James K says:

    I’m ploughing into the endgame of Hades, 75 hours in, and all’s well.Report

  4. Damon says:

    I played this game back in 2016. It was “ok” for the price then. @ 20 bucks, it’s probably very worth it.Report

  5. Jaybird says:

    Oh, it does one thing that irritates the crap out of me: the thing where you’re halfway through the level and you see that you missed an upgrade in the early part of the map and THERE’S NO WAY TO GET BACK THERE. Gotta wait until the second playthrough, I guess.

    I mean, I understand the design decision and whatnot… I just find it a particularly frustrating one.Report

  6. Brandon Berg says:

    I never really got into FPShooters, though I did have a lot of fun with Ultima Underworld, an FPSlasher. I keep trying to get back into the sequel, but the long intro and clunky interface keep pushing me away.

    I’m currently near the end of Dragon Quest VI on Android. I vaguely remember playing the original Super Famicon version back in…January 2007, according to my save file…but I don’t remember anything except for the very last scene of the ending that gives you a hint about the bonus dungeon. It’s like I’m playing it for the first time. I’d even forgotten about the whole two-worlds mechanic.

    I love Dragon Quest. It’s just so bright and colorful and silly and full of good cheer. I wish they made more than one every console generation.Report

  7. veronica d says:

    I finally gave Nier Automata a try, after putting it off for a long time. The idea of incorporating a lot of arcade style stuff into a 3rd person action RPG always seemed so weird to me. In the end, it is indeed a very weird game. That said, the story is pretty intense. It does that JRPG/anime thing, with a lot of fetish outfits and drama turned up to eleven. But still, it works. I cried a lot, so that’s a plus.

    It’s a very happy game 🙂

    I guess the designer, Yoko Taro, likes to fuck with the players to get them to feel something. At least, that’s his stated goal. My verdict: yep. He made me feel stuff, a lot of it. Superficially, it looks like a game where you play a hot android in fetish gear and kill robots using a giant sword — and it is that — but at the same time the story is pretty deep, both on a dramatic level and on a philosophical level. As with any “android” story, it’s about identity and free will and all of that, so fine. This is well explored territory. It’s been done many times. That said, I found it smart enough. I think Taro understands these questions far better than most others who ask them. Plus, he actually delivers an engaging narrative about people (well, AIs) that you can care about.Report