Classic Horror Films: The Best From The Original Universal Monsters

Luis A. Mendez

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  1. Jaybird says:

    In The Mummy, it’s fun to nudge your movie partner during the dust storm scene and say “that’s called a haboob”.

    When I was a little kid, my aunts and uncles had books from their misspent youths in the 60’s that talked about the Universal Monsters that still had a hold on everybody even though it was SOOO FREAKING HARD to see the movies in a pre-Blockbuster world.

    We had Detroit TV 50 and Detroit TV 20 that would sometimes have monster movies around Halloween, but they didn’t want to shell out for the good stuff and so we got stuck with Abbott and Costello Meet Any And All Of The Above instead of All Of The Above and the other stuff that UHF could afford (stuff like “The Bowery Boys Meet the Monsters”).

    Thanks to HBO, I saw Young Frankenstein before ever seeing any of the real ones, which made seeing the real ones a weird trip. Huh. I thought that Gene Hackman was playing it up. Turns out… he wasn’t. Not that much, anyway.

    One thing that I notice when I compare stuff like the above to stuff like The Ring, it’s weird how much What Is Scary has evolved over the last hundred years. We’ve gotten really good at some things but the GOOD stuff knows that Black and White remains where it’s at.Report

  2. rexknobus says:

    Sorry to pick a nit so soon, and I realize that you know this and it is reflected in subsequent text, but…it was Lugosi who played Igor in “The Son…” And he was great in the role. Thanks for this highlight of fantasy/horror film history.Report

  3. rexknobus says:

    A couple more comments: I grew up reading Ackerman’s “Famous Monsters of Filmland” magazine and so I saw dozens of stills of “The Creature from the Black Lagoon” long before I actually saw the movie. The beast never looked that impressive to me — seemed sort of silly (Ms. Adams never seemed silly at all). But when I finally saw the flick I was amazed at how well the creature costume worked. Really changed my opinion of the film. It’s a good monster movie.

    Karloff in “The Mummy” is absolutely wonderful. I’d love to have an insider story about what was supposed to go on in that last scene and how it was a) badly shot; b) censored to pieces; c) wth? Something is definitely wrong there with the shots and the cutting. Other than that — what a terrific film. Creepy as heck and beautifully done.

    And I have long preferred “Son of Frankenstein” to any of the others. Great acting, great action, terrific installment in the story.

    Again, thanks. And Happy Halloween!Report

  4. Al Perdue says:

    And thanks to Svenghoolie we get to enjoy these films from time to time.Report

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