Saturday Morning Gaming: XCom 2 and the Long War


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6 Responses

  1. Fish says:

    I ran my first “Ambush” mission today (at least…I THINK it was my first. I don’t remember doing one like this before). Luckily my A-Team (minus their Ranger, who was wounded) was available, and I’m glad they were. My Shinobi uncovered a pod of 8…and then another pod of 8…and then a pod of four, one of which was the Viper King. It was a hairy fight, but we managed to whittle some armor off the King before he ran and escaped with tons of good stuff (my first Stun Lancer corpse–Fusion blades incoming!).

    I’m up to four full squads now and…it’s not enough. It’s really expensive keeping all these soldiers properly equipped, too. I’ve started rotating my Haven advisors out so when the aliens attack I’m not left with some poor schmuck Squaddie trying to defend with a bunch of volunteers.

    Good times.Report

  2. Jaybird says:

    I broke down and picked up the “Evacuate All” mod.

    Now you press one button and every single person in the zone can be evacuated instead of doing each one onesy-twosy.Report

  3. Marchmaine says:

    PoE league us winding down… since quarntine I’ve played more than usual… so ready for a bit of a break. I thought, hey, haven’t tried Diablo III in about a year, wonder what’s up with that. Nothing. Nothing is up with Diablo III. In fact at this point, D3 is so dated its not even fun – especially compared to PoE.

    Origianally I didn’t like PoE compared to D3… but over the last 10-yrs, PoE has completely eaten Diablo’s lunch; they’ve incrementally moved away from some of their early D2 or die mentality while improving the combat and responsiveness. It is now much better than D3 on every level.

    I know D4 is (theoretically) coming out, but I’m shocked at how abandoned and stupid D3 is… plus, with PoE 2 coming out (likely before D4) I expect that will be better than D4 out of the gate… No idea what happened to Bliz.Report

  1. February 20, 2021

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