Chairman Heckler’s Veto

Will Truman

Will Truman is the Editor-in-Chief of Ordinary Times. He is also on Twitter.

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3 Responses

  1. Oscar Gordon

    Those that think the riots must be “crushed” either don’t realize this or they do.

    The overlap of people who think this, while at the same time think the government is going to take their guns and destroy our freedoms is… disturbing.Report

  2. Chip Daniels

    Trump is like a black hole for discussions, where every discussion gets bent and warped by his darkness.

    However, the rise of an illiberal and economically powerful China is a concern which stands completely outside of Trump or American domestic politics.

    Since the rise of Deng’s modernizations and the fall of the Berlin Wall we haven’t really confronted a superpower adversary and I don’t think our politics is capable of it right now.

    Containment worked with a China that was poor and preoccupied with internal affairs.

    Now that China has economic power to rival ours and is bolder, more expansionist and connected to the rest of the world, I think we are at a steep disadvantage.Report

  3. Jaybird

    I got into an argument on the twitters a while back over the whole “The First Amendment only talks about the government censoring stuff!” issue.

    My question was whether it was bad for the Chinese Government to censor American Content in America.

    I mean, everyone agrees that it’s okay for the Chinese Government to censor American Content in China. They don’t have a First Amendment, after all.

    It came down to “Corporations can do whatever they want”.

    Which strikes me as a bad place to go.Report

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