Monthly Archive: September 2020

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New York City Covid-19 Cases Rising

The first epicenter for the Covid-19 pandemic in the US is seeing and uptick in cases again as New York City tries to open schools and brace for winter.

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New York Times Reports on Trump Taxes

The New York Times is reporting on what it says are two decades of “finances under stress, beset by losses that he aggressively employs to avoid paying taxes and hundreds of millions in debt coming due” regarding President Trumps taxes.

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Green New Deal vs Nuclear New Deal

Over at The Bellows, Emmet Penney and Adrián Calderón propose a Nuclear New Deal for solving both power grid issues and environmental concerns like climate change.

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Weapons in the War of Ideas: Books & Book Burning

In recent days, I’ve read about the burning of books on the streets of Portland and of Harry Potter books torched by the far Left. I don’t like burning books, to put it very...


Water Testing

The days of real sport.

Unicorn 44

If Wishes Were Horses

We all know we are about to engage in a ruthless battle over the nominee; let’s just get on with it and leave the dead out of it.