Dear RNC: This Guy Is NOT Your Friend!

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  1. So why in God’s name is a lifelong corrupt Democrat speaking on opening night at the Republican convention?

    Because he’s going to be the nominee.Report

  2. DavidTC says:

    It’s interesting watching the…I don’t really know what to call it. The ‘ethics sort’. Under Trump.

    There’s a whole group of ethical Republicans who either Never Trumped or…just retired. A few migrated over to the left.

    Meanwhile, there is an amazing amount of…people like Vernon Jones, that migrated right-ward . A specific brand of con artist who decided to switch sides to where the money was.

    And while they’re probably not Black statistically more than you’re expect to get from people on the left, the Black ones are _really_ noticeable because they’re shoved in front of everyone by the Republicans. Even if they’re not very good con artists, and really just sorta sprout vague conspiracy theories and talk about ‘the plantation’…you know, they say the stuff that white Republicans had to stop saying because people starting calling it out as racist. But Black people can’t be racist against Black people, as well all know.

    Fun fact about Vernon Jones…he actually tried to quit mid-term, back in April. So this party switch wasn’t a ‘I have decided the other party suits me best as an elected official’, he didn’t want to serve out his term _as a Republican_, where he could have, you know, actually done something. No, this is literally just a very corrupt person jumping on the Trump bandwagon of corruption.

    People actually called him out of this, and, possibly realizing how bad it looked for an elected official to say ‘The Republicans are right politically, I’m now a Republican, so I quit my office!’, he decided to stay till the end of his term. But he clearly just wants to get on wingnut welfare as fast as humanly possible, and considered _actually doing his job_ to be incompatible with that.

    This guy has now laid out a career of appearing on Fox News and getting a column at Breitbart. He’d like to start now, please.

    …or, at least, a career until he does something utterly stupid and bigoted again (Which he will do, because he _is_ those things.), at which point the Republicans will drop him, like Fox News did with Diamond and Silk.

    Incidentally, does this mean Republicans are no longer allowed to use _him_ as the example of affirmative action gone amuck. As in his illegal scheme to replace white employees back in 2004? As it turns out that now was done by a Republican?

    I wonder if he’s ever going to get called out on that? Being one of the few examples to actually, criminally, do what Republicans insist Democrats want to do?Report

    • Saul Degraw in reply to DavidTC says:

      The problem with the whole post is that it kind of smacks of huge amounts of naïveté. Like this is the one problem with the GOP and the RNC convention. The whole schedule for the four nights consists of his family, his admin, super safe GOP politicians not in danger of losing re-election (except maybe Jodi Ernest), and the right wing grievance/grift machine.

      The GOP is a festering puss of grievance and this post is all “oh noes, Vernon Jones is a bad guy. I am worried that it will reflect badly on the GOP.”Report

  3. D says:

    Had to turn down the volume on the GOPs after hearing the Vernon Jones guy.The lies are just too much. He reminded me of the black character in Django Unchained. So far the three blacks who have spoken cannot actually believe they are exempt from the racist platform of this party.Report

  1. April 19, 2021

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