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  1. Avatar jason says:

    No Man’s Sky had yet another big update: this time you can find derelict freighters to loot and even change the colors and storage capabilities of your capital ship, so I’ve been playing that. Also, the fancy edition of Shadow of War was on sale for fifteen bucks, so I bought it. I’m not sure why; I still need have a LOT to do in RD2. I blame you, Jaybird, for the glowing review you did a while back. Lol.Report

    • Avatar Jaybird in reply to jason says:

      Anything I can do to help people quarantine I see as a good deed.Report

    • Avatar Reformed Republican in reply to jason says:

      No Man’s Sky has been my main focus for the past few weeks (and also fits really well with Jaybird’s “games that have improved with updates” theme). I had been curious about it since launch, but I was not playing a lot of games on the computer, so I never got around to getting it. I finally got it from Steam’s Summer Sale, and I have really been enjoying it. There is just a lot to do, with lots of little distractions from whatever I am actually trying to accomplish. “I need to mine some cadmium. Oh look, something shiny! Oh, look, something else shiny! There’s a building! What happened to that ore deposit?”

      There is currently some discussion of getting bonuses at work. If that actually comes through, I might be getting an Occulus to play the game in VR.

      I still haven’t tried out the derelict freighter yet. Just finished the Atlas quest line, then going back to the Artemis quest line. I also have a bunch of base building quests to do.Report

  2. Avatar DavidTC says:

    I started playing VTM:B Thursday, as a mental prep for the new one coming out.

    I actually find the game slightly frustrating in a lot of weird ways. Mostly because it’s very easy to secretly miss thing.

    I had forgotten that you actually didn’t get directed towards quests, except the main one. The way the game works is…you just randomly talk to people. If you don’t talk to one person, you can miss out on entire chains of quests. Also…the quest descriptions tend to be very bad…the game is good at giving you very good directions, and then vaguing them up for ‘let me check my notes’. It’s like…I know I was told exactly what to do…and I don’t seem to have that information anymore. What, am I supposed to remember things now?

    This is my first time as a Tremere vampire, and I have somehow missed my upgraded safehouse…I think. (You can’t get the normal upgraded one as a Tremere, you get one in their building instead.) I keep going to the Tremere guy, to check in, but he doesn’t seem to want anything from me, or have anything to say. And I haven’t been rude to him or anything.

    Tremere’s a lot of fun, though, once I figured out how they were supposed to work. You almost _have to_ use magic (Um, is it technically magic? I guess it is?), because your physical stats can’t get above three.

    The easiest magic is…the one that just makes them vomit blood, which uses very little power. So many boss fights I just make them do that, wail on them with a sword while they’re doing that, stop when they recover, run off so that I finish recharging which happens like five seconds after _they_ recover, and hit them again. It’s a crazy playstyle, but, apparently, that’s sorta how you do it.

    I just finished the stupid Warrens thing and was sent to Chinatown but haven’t actually gone there yet, and I’ve been doing the quests as they came along, so…I’m pretty close to endgame.

    And it’s my first time playing an actual modded version (As opposed to just the patched stuff.), I’m doing Camarilla Version. It actually added a cloud minds-type aoe spell, I forget the name, but…it works way better than ‘trance’ spell, which annoyingly breaks if you walk near them and only gets one person at a time, and they can annoyingly block things. This just makes them sorta ‘reset’ and wander around confused, and it’s such an interesting spell I sorta think it was built-in but one of those things that got diked out in the release.

    I’ve noticed that every time I’ve played the game, I sorta walk the middle path, which I guess…next time, I’m full Anarch, probably as a Brujah or a Gangrel. And then full buttkiss.Report

    • Avatar Jaybird in reply to DavidTC says:

      Have you ever played Malkavian?Report

      • Avatar DavidTC in reply to Jaybird says:

        No, and I haven’t played Nosferatu either, which I’m sure changes the game even more. Honestly, Nosferatu sound really annoying, and I might never do that…but Malkavian, I do plan to play that at some point.

        I guess I could try it on my planned anarch playthrough…although I don’t actually know what happens if you just outright keep arguing with LaCroix, at the very start of the game, and keep it up the entire game, so maybe I need to try that normally first before trying it Malkavian.

        Oh, and FYI: I hadn’t missed out on the Tremere safehouse, I just got it earlier today…apparently you get it really late game. At this point, I’m randomly wandering around collecting posters and other silly loose ends, until I jump into endgame…and I don’t actually know how I’m taking that. I don’t think I’ve cut any path off at this point, so I might just…save and try them all.

        Next time I play, I’m going to look for other mods, too. But an interesting thing about this game is…you can only use one mod at a time. Basically, they create their own subdirectory and that subdirectory has a bunch of changed game files in it, and then you just start the game with that directory as an option.

        While I’m sure this is annoying for modders, it’s good for me, because a lot of times, I end up spending a hell of a lot of effort trying to figure out what mods I should play with in various games. But here…I just have to pick one, and that’s all I can do. (There are some ‘merged mods’ though. Like…every mod starts with the unofficial patch in it, and a few of them try to put together some of the bigger unrelated ones.)Report

        • Avatar Jaybird in reply to DavidTC says:

          Okay, you inspired me to start playing it again (as Malkavian). I went through the prologue and got my new apartment.

          I think when you play Malkavian, you’ll have a blast. The first time I played the game, I trusted the personality test and it gave me Malkavian and… well, the second time I played the game as Brujah and had fun with it… then I played Malkavian again and I said “HOLY CRAP THIS VERSION OF THE GAME IS NOTHING BUT OBFUSCATED SPOILERS!!!”

          So if you sigh happily and think about playing it again, play again as Malkavian.Report

      • Avatar Reformed Republican in reply to Jaybird says:

        My first playthrough was Tremere. My second was Malkavian. Both were many years ago. I quit the Malkavian playthrough before I got to the end game where it was just killing your way to the obnoxious final boss. I did not have the willpower to do it a second time.

        Have they fixed the endgame with the new patches? That would be something that might entice me to try again.Report

        • That’s a great question. I last played a few patches ago and stopped playing somewhere around the Malkavian Maze.

          This time I *WILL* get through it. I have started the game with 510 skill points, thanks to the console.

          I’m certain that this will make some of the sloggier parts less sloggy.Report

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