Weekend Plans Post: The Unexpected Gathering


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  1. jason says:

    Busy morning today, but my wife and I are going to our cabin in San Isabel. It’s pretty rustic–no hot water, no shower/bath tub–but it will be about 20 degrees cooler and peaceful. We’re still social distancing, since we pretty much just hang at the cabin–maybe walk around the lake or something. I’ll get some hammock time in; it will be nice. It’s been two years because the water pump has been KIA, but I just had it replaced (cost=ouch). I’ll also do some reading and probably some napping.
    So even though the next five hours or so will be busy, it’s going to be worth it.Report

  2. Michael Cain says:

    Not the weekend but we’ll be driving from Denver to Omaha and back for my mom’s long-delayed funeral this week. Multiple groups who wanted there to be an observation of some sort have been leaning on my sister, who finally gave in. Nebraska is still having some virus problems in the areas right around the biggest meat-packing plants, and Lincoln (University of Nebraska plus state capital means lots of single young people) is having problems again.Report

  3. fillyjonk says:

    Drove out tonight to try to see comet NEOWISE, after the local weather guy (who is usually trustworthy) said it would be a good night to spot it. I don’t have a telescope but the weather guy seemed to think binoculars would be enough

    Except. It is very very hard to find an unobstructed NW view anywhere outside of town – too many trees. I guess I could have driven out to the lake and maybe looked out over the lake but that’s pretty far and it would also involve having to get out of my car and walk over uneven ground in an area where there are coyotes and deer and maybe wild hogs for some distance at night.

    I tried to find a spot I could see it from the car, went NW of town and finally wound up on a gravel “mining road” (probably actually leading to an oil or gas well). Never did see the comet because I couldn’t get an unobstructed view of the horizon. Got creeped out on the narrow gravel road where I couldn’t see very far ahead of me even with brights (the road dipped, and later when I looked at a map online, it terminates rather abruptly). I had to do a quick multipoint turn and hope no cop was trolling around up there – though my age, gender, and complexion probably put me at less risk of misadventure that way than many. Still, I didn’t want to have to do a big dumb smile and go “I was just tryna see the comet” as an explanation.

    Don’t know if I’ll try again. It’s supposed to be visible until August but unless I can find a good clear spot it’s not worth going out to look, and I really rather dislike driving at night as my night vision isn’t great and we also have some pretty crummy drivers here.

    I did see Jupiter (? I guess? Or maybe Saturn?) though.Report

    • PROFESSOR ESPERANTO in reply to fillyjonk says:

      Venus is bright but Venus appears in the morning near Aldebaran in Taurus. Jupiter is visible through the night since it was just at opposition and its brightest. I have yet to see the comet but I will make a point to try since it will not be back for 6,800 years or some such nonsense. You will need binoculars to find the comet, but once you have spotted it through your binoculars, and your eyes have dark adapted, you should be able to pick out the comet as a fuzzy patch in the sky. For assistancespotting the comet, download the Starwalk app.Report

      • Another friend recommended SkyView, which I now have, and already (even using it in the day, where I can’t actually see the stars) is kind of cool so I anticipate having some fun with it.

        In the summer it doesn’t get really dark (dark enough to see stars in town) until after my typical bedtime but I might stay up a little just to see what I can see.Report

  4. Jaybird says:

    She’s back on the road today (to get home tomorrow).

    Here is today’s to-do list:

    Swap out the sheets
    Do the laundry that that creates
    Cat boxes
    Restock the fridge with her caffeine instead of my caffeine

    Catboxes, recycling, and trash are done.
    Sheets changed, the summer quilt is in the washing machine now.
    Dishes are going.
    Going upstairs now to get my baked potato out of the oven and get my last can of caffeine from the fridge, then restock with (mostly) her stuff.

    Whew. Now I just get to debate with myself about what to do the rest of the day and whether going for a jog needs to be part of that.Report