From political reporter Theo Keith: Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz has asked President Donald Trump for a federal disaster declaration



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  1. Avatar Jaybird says:

    $500 million in damage. That number surprised me.

    10 people. That number also surprised me.Report

  2. Avatar George Turner says:

    I wouldn’t give him a dime. It wasn’t an act of nature, it was Minneapolis folks setting Minneapolis businesses on fire. I don’t see why anyone else should be on the hook for that. Heck, maybe they’ve formed a cult that wants to have an annual “Let’s Torch the City” festival to compete with Burning Man. If so, the festival needs a cover charge big enough to pay for all the fun.Report

  3. Avatar Brandon Berg says:

    It’s surprising how much damage peaceful protests can do.Report

    • Avatar Jaybird in reply to Brandon Berg says:

      Well, I did some research into how much a window costs and it’s, like, a *LOT*. Here.

      I couldn’t get a good estimate for, like, what if you want to replace one of the windows at Auto Zone. If someone walked up and broke every Auto Zone front window and did nothing else, how much would it cost to replace the Auto Zone windows? I dunno.

      But a picture window apparently costs about a thousand dollars to install/replace and 30% of that is labor.

      So break every window in the front of an Auto Zone?

      I googled Auto Zone pictures and found that it’s name is actually “Autozone” with no space and see that a lot of store have between 6-8 picture windows in the front. So $6-8 grand right there. And that’s not talking about inventory replacement and that’s not talking about cleanup and it’s not even mentioning fire damage.

      It makes me wonder what happens next time there’s a peaceful protest. “It’s just property” fails to note a *LOT* of things.Report

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