Weekend Plans Post: On Running A 5K



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  1. Avatar jason

    Congrats! I’ve been walking since the Rona started and I’m at the point where I’m getting around 200 minutes in every week. I think I get about three miles in an hour, and I have a route I can take with a major hill. I usually walk on weekday mornings and take the weekend off. I’ll have to walk fewer days/longer each time once school starts again, but that’s okay. I think I’m at the habit stage by now.Report

    • Avatar Jaybird

      3 miles per hour… lemme do some math… how much is a 5K?


      Yeah. That’s a good walk! Keep it up!Report

      • Avatar jason

        That was the military pace for humps (what jarheads call hikes), but it’s much easier without all the gear (flak jacket, helmet, harness, pack, weapon), and it’s easier when you stop after an hour instead of 5 or 6 hours. There’s a trail by my house that has some landmarks with the mile distance, so I’ve timed myself and it seems accurate. I haven’t quite worked up to jogging yet, but the walking is working for me.Report

  2. Avatar Fish

    Nice work.

    There’s a park in the woods near here that has a 3.8 mile loop. I’ve been hitting that (walking, not jogging) once or twice a week. It’s a nice way to get the excersice in, but I’d much rather be climbing.Report

  3. fillyjonk fillyjonk

    I would love to walk as a change-up to my regular (cross-country ski simulator/exercise dvd) program, but not right now, not when the heat indexes are above 105F

    Back in the before-times, sometimes I would take walking shoes and a change of clothes to campus with me and at the very end of the day do a brisk walk on the loop trail they have marked on campus that is a couple miles. It was nice for a change.

    I have to be really careful with running or jogging; I have foot pronation that’s only partly corrected by orthotics and the pounding of jogging gets really painful on my hips after a while. Walking is lower impact and doesn’t seem to cause problems.

    on a good day of working out on the cross-country skiier, I do about 5K on it – 3 to 3.5 miles is sort of typical. At one point I played with the idea of seeing if I could get up to the equivalent of a marathon in a week but, meh, that would me more than five miles a day (I have to do a rest day a couple days a week). It gets boring, even with music, and I don’t have a tv or anything to watch in that room, and the thing isn’t configured so I can watch videos on my phone while working out.Report

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