Saturday Spins: Ryan Adams

Christopher Bradley

Christopher is a lawyer from NEPA, aka, Pennsultucky, He is an avid baseball fan, audiophile, and dog owner. He spends the majority of his free time with his wife and daughters, reading, listening to music, watching baseball (except the Yankees) and writing. If you wish to send him a positive missive, any errata concerning albums, or requests regarding albums: saturdayspins32 at gmail dot com

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1 Response

  1. Aaron David says:

    Gold never did anything for me. Which is kinda weird, as I love this period of Adams solo career. But Heartbreaker, Demolition and Rock and Roll always gave me that gut-punch feeling that I love in an album. Maybe that is why it sold better than the other three.

    Oh, and I used to hang out with a guy who collected all the cover variants of Micheal Moorcock books, so, no it isn’t that odd to have multiple variations if one is a collector.Report