From LA Times: Golden State Killer suspect agrees to guilty plea in a deal that spares him death penalty



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2 Responses

  1. Avatar Michael Cain

    Fine with me. He’s put away for the rest of his life. Probably in whatever California calls solitary, since former police tend to get killed when mixed in with the general population. The state won’t be out the few million dollars it costs to dot i’s and cross t’s and run through all of the necessary appeals to confirm the dotting and crossing for a capital case. In California that probably takes at least ten years, and the guy’s age makes it unlikely he’ll survive that long anyway. Reading the Wikipedia page, it’s unclear to me whether California has a court-approved execution protocol.Report

  2. Avatar Em Carpenter

    I have been following this case closely and am rather shocked he is agreeing to this, seeing as how CA’s death penalty is for show only and nobody has been executed in going on 15 years, and DeAngelo strikes me as the type of asshole who would go to trial just to retraumatize his victims.Report

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