Saturday Morning Gaming: Monster Train



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  1. Avatar Michael Cain

    In the coverage of Crew Dragon’s approach to the ISS, there is an occasional shot from over the pilot’s shoulder. No game with a display as simplistic as they’re using would ever see the light of day. They’re also violating one of the standard rules for science-fiction movies: to indicate that it’s really high tech and not just a toy, there’s always a window of scrolling text on the display somewhere.Report

  2. Avatar jason

    for some reason, I started Fallout: Shelter again on my ipad (I had played it years ago). I spent about eight dollars to get a head start, and now I’m just cruising through. The missions are new, but also geared to get you to buy speed ups. That’s disappointing, but it’s not bad for a mobile game. You don’t really need to spend any money.
    Also, I bought Maneater for my xbox, and it’s pretty fun so far (you are a shark trying to eat things to grow and evolve).Report

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