Weekend Plans Post: Three Day Weekend!


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  1. DensityDuck says:

    Getting out of town to visit the ‘rents, under the reasoning neither of us has seen anyone for the past month and none of us has the ‘rona so it’s probably okay for us to hang around with each other…Report

  2. fillyjonk says:

    If it doesn’t rain (and isn’t death humid), maybe mowing the lawn Saturday? Starting to look like it needs it, and I could use a little different exercise.

    Other than that, I don’t know. Maybe a little more continuing-ed reading; am trying to teach myself probability theory. Or maybe I continue planning labs that could be done online for fall, just in case, even though my uni wants to re open in-person (about which I am apprehensive, I suspect the big wave hasn’t hit here yet but is coming…)

    Late next week I plan my first really big jaunt out since the end of February – a trip to a long-term family-run open-air garden center in the next town over. If I don’t chicken out and feel like it’s “unsafe.” (This is something people are warning me about, that I’m getting a little agoraphobic). I want some kind of nice big ideally-perennial, ideally pollinator-friendly plants to replace the rosemary that went belly up in my garden last year.

    But not this weekend; it will be too busy being Memorial Day. And also, it’s supposed to rain part of the weekend…Report

  3. Aaron David says:

    Out of town for us. Going to the other side of the mountains to stay at a cabin with another couple we spend time with. Not sure how long we will stay though. But it is a typical Oregon spring, so rainbowy!Report


    I’m sure this is apocryphal but I will share it anyway. I think it came from Vonnegut about how the people who were best suited to survive being prisoners of war during WW2 were the ones who washed, shaved, and took care of themselves every single day. To the best of their ability from whatever the National Socialists saw fit to provide them.

    The ones who didn’t last were the scrubby ones who had various o’clock shadows, reeked to high heaven, etc.

    Maybe I have it backwards. What does this have to do with the price of bratwursts in occupied Berlin? With varying days of working from home and going into the county clerk office, my routine is off. If I skip showering, I’ll wake up feeling itchy and miserable. A couple times I’ve woken up at 2 a.m. feeling scratchy and took a shower while cursing myself for skipping a day.

    I have no idea how the fuck I lived in my Colorado basement apartment. Now if I miss washing my hair one day, I need to wash it ASAP. And swimming in an ocean / pool doesn’t mean I can skip these ablutions.

    I’m going to play with Tabletop Simulator a bit more. I already did the tutorial. Maybe I’ll find a game. Maybe not. I’m still gun-shy about board games because I’ve forgotten so many of the rules. I know how impatient others can become with new players because I had that tendency.Report

    • I had to call a money guy this afternoon (looking at houses we may move to is suddenly going faster than my ability to be prepared). Even though it’s Saturday afternoon, and it was a phone call, I was “I didn’t take a shower this morning and I can’t talk money feeling grungy.” So shower first, then call the money guy. Good t-shirt and cargo shorts was fine (sorry Saul, it’s Colorado), but I needed to be clean.Report

    • Fish in reply to PROFESSOR ESPERANTO says:

      Aside from sleeping in an hour later, I kept my routine the same while working from home: Shower, coffee, 20-30 minutes of reading, and then sit down and get to work. The routine made it easier to adjust to work mode despite being at home.Report

    • Anecdotally, in this, I can tell that I do MUCH better on the days when I force myself to get up at a “reasonable” hour (between 5 and 6 am, for me – close to what I did in the before-times), and do a workout, and then wash and dress and do my daily language practice on Duolingo, and do piano practice for a bit. And then, since it’s technically summer break for me, settle in and either do some continuing-ed work, or plan ahead for fall teaching (in case we do start out online, which I am half-suspecting, given that we’re starting to see an increase in cases here).

      I’m not quite sure what the psychological thing of it is – whether it’s me controlling what I can control, or that on some level I feel “guilty” if I skip a workout (other than on rest days) or my Duolingo or the work-for-school, or whether it’s that the continuing-ed reading and piano practice and stuff engages my brain, and I get sad and squirrelly when my brain isn’t engaged enough. But yes, for me, I HAVE to have a set schedule or else I spiral down very fast. I am just glad I learned this fairly early on.

      In the afternoons, if the weather is good, i go out and weed the garden/trim back the rapidly growing hedges/mow when it needs it.And then I shower and spend the evening on some kind of craft project

      In other words, except for a higher level of yard maintenance, I live much as I did in the before-times. And it helps. I still get moments of viscerally missing seeing my out-of-town friends (traveling is not a good idea right now) or just running to a craft store for the fun of it (I don’t think it’s worth the risk of exposure; people here are bad at masks and social distancing). But I’m better than I was at the start of this.Report

  5. Michael Cain says:

    We have been inching for a couple of years now towards moving 60 miles to be closer to the granddaughters and to have a smaller place. (We don’t exactly rattle in this house, but only because we have accumulated a lot of stuff over 32 years.) Suddenly two weeks ago we said, “Virus, shmirus, we’re doing it this summer.” And tomorrow we are going to look at a house whose listing my wife is enamored of. I wasn’t as taken, but have to admit that it checks off all of the important boxes.Report