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  1. Avatar Jaybird says:

    In the “Deep Discount Bins”, they had a bunch of impulse purchase candy. Starbursts, of which I bought some, and Snickers Almond.

    Now, Snickers is a fine, fine candy bar. A solid ‘B’. They’re not really candybars I get for myself, but if I see them in the office candy bowl following Halloween, I squee a little and grab one.

    Snickers Almond is, like, the Pinky Extended Snickers. A strong ‘B+’. Still not something I’d get for myself, but I recognize it as a fine candybar.

    Well, they had a ton of those for 50% off. So I grabbed a couple of those, too.

    You know how many candybars I buy when it’s not Halloween? Maybe one a year.

    I go back to the grocery store for the first time in almost two months and I buy a dozen.Report


    I’m going to try my hand at mowing the lawn, hit Lowes, and putz around doing house stuff with the assistance of my neighbor and friend. I think my injury has healed enough where I can make the attempt.

    Also I am going to buy 4 more megabytes of RAM in hopes it’ll enable me to acquire and use Tabletop Simulator. I haven’t gamed in ages. Ages. Also see if Caves of Qud will work.

    Hopefully I will have time for myself as well.

    Thank you for taking the time to speak with me the other day. Means a lot.Report

  3. Avatar James K says:

    New Zealand’s alert level dropped down to Level 2 yesterday, which means we’re going more from “don’t to things” to “do things, but be careful”. So i’m going back to working in the office on Monday. So this weekend will be about me adjusting myself back to my regular office routine.

    Also, this Sunday will be the first D&D session I’ve had in 2 months.Report

  4. fillyjonk fillyjonk says:

    It’s almost like Pinky and the Brain here: “What do you want to do today?” “Same thing I do every day”

    except it’s not taking over the world, it’s doing continuing-ed reading and hanging out online and maybe knitting a little.

    I’m….okay with it. At least now. I have asthma and hypertension and the last time I had seasonal flu (25 years ago) I was sick for six months, so I’m going to avoid people, places, and things as much as I can. Come August, that might change, depending on what my university decides to do. (Another thing I need to do: figure out how to do labs if we ARE online)

    I do run out to the little local grocery near me as needed; for bigger things I do pick up from wal-mart (no way in heck I’m going in there; not with practically no one here masking). I heard the Pruett’s (which is a nicer store; a small regional chain) is doing that now and maybe I need to sign up for that.

    I did go out for a socially-distant church board meeting (the 15 or so board members sitting 10′ apart on folding chairs) to decide about when we re-open in person (Not yet, probably not until July – they asked me, as a scientist*, to give my opinion though I think they were already predisposed to “it’s not safe yet”).

    (*I am an ecologist which is about as far as you can get from virology and still be a biologist)

    I guess I’ve adapted. I don’t have quite the bleak periods of despair I had earlier in this, though possibly they’ll come back. But now I’m okay.Report

  5. Avatar Aaron David says:

    Some idiot who owned by home back in the ninties did a half-assed “remodel” on the upstairs bathroom, and not only did they use cheap, cheap faux brass everywhere, they had no real idea of how to do things. For instance, as a wall fan, there is a ceiling fan mounted in the wall in such a way that a good 1-1/2 inches are sticking out with a wierd wood square surrounding it to give the vent grill a place to be. Except it doesn’t fit, the unit was installed before the room was sheetrocked, wiring is inaccessable, and it is only removable via a destructive method. Which I found out today as the fan itself no longer works. Which (doesn’t) sucks in a small bathroom with no window.

    So, I will be, now that I have removed the offending beast, installing the new one. Which is bigger, necessitating a larger hole. But, it is still very tight in there, what with wiring and duct access. I anticipate much swearing.Report

  6. Avatar Aaron David says:



  7. Avatar DensityDuck says:

    We moved up our lawn-mowing schedule to yesterday, so that we could get some seed put down before the night’s expected rain, and we did, although we spent the evening lying around groaning about how we’re getting old. And the grass seed got a perfect rain-in, about a quarter-inch over six hours to get it fixed in the dirt, and a good soak expected later today with some thunderstorms.

    The weekend’s project will be the Victory Garden, fencing off an area of the front yard (best drainage and sunlight) to plant some beans and peppers and tomatoes. (the produce around here is just garbage so we’re trying to make our own.)


    “I have gone from doing the dishes two or three times a week to doing the dishes once or twice a day.”

    This is something that caught us out about the initial purchasing, and I imagine it got a lot of other people as well; if everyone’s staying home, you go from “quick snack breakfast and only one person eats lunch” to “a full breakfast that needs a plate, plus a full lunch”. You use a lot more dishes…and a lot more food, too, you go through loaves of bread surprisingly fast when you’re serving double the usual number of sandwiches.Report

    • Avatar Jaybird in reply to DensityDuck says:

      And food prep itself! Oh my gosh, I use as many plates to prepare the meal as I do to serve it!

      There were occasions in the beforetime when the dishwasher was mostly the cats’ dishes (they get new bowls with every meal) and so we’d have 3 days’ worth of cat bowls and 3 days’ worth of human ones.

      We’d use the dishwasher as alternate silverware storage because we had calibrated our fork/spoon usage.

      Welp, that’s out the window.Report

      • Avatar DensityDuck in reply to Jaybird says:

        my wife had a dream last night that she went to Wal-Mart and she’d forgotten her mask, but in her dream nobody else at Wal-Mart had a mask either, and I said in a movie-wise-man voice “you were dreaming…of the Beforetime” and we kinda laughed but then we kinda didn’t.Report

  8. Avatar Pinky says:

    People are messing with me. The word “Pinky” twice in one thread, capitalized both times, neither one referring to me?

    You can’t get into a grocery store without a mask down here. We have one-way aisles, but that gets violated 50% of the time, including by me. I just don’t notice the markings on the floor, and there’s no lemming instinct because no one else notices them either.

    I finally started buying cranberry juice at the store. I used to get a bottle at lunch every workday, but I’ve been drinking mostly soda since the lockdown. We must treat our kidneys well!

    This weekend I’ve got a trip to the grocery store, and one to the pharmacy. The coronavirus equivalent of bar-hopping.Report

  9. Avatar Marchmaine says:

    In a no-Politics/no-Religion yes-Coronavirus kinda way… the weekend news out here is the Governor and subsequently Bishop are allowing Mass to re-open. But the Bishop is keeping Mass closed in Northern Virginia owing to the virus load. Naturally many of my fellow Catholics in a high(er) Coronavirus area are planning to come out to the Valley to attend our Masses.

    Which will be interesting since the “policy” decided upon at our Parish is a first-come-first serve, katie-bar-the-door at 50% (literal bar-the-door) policy – our Pastor has done it before at Christmas – with every other pew roped off, please wear masks, yadda yadda.

    My wife and I discussed it and in a combination of blessed charity and high pique we’re going to continue to abstain as we suspect this weekend will be, and here I’ll use a Catholic liturgical term so bear with me, a cluster-piscis.Report

    • Avatar Pinky in reply to Marchmaine says:

      I’d be tempted to drive down there myself, but yeah, obedience. The sacrifice of not attending Mass in conformity with the Church’s wishes. An oddity but one that makes sense.

      ETA: Loved the Latin!Report

      • Avatar Marchmaine in reply to Pinky says:

        Kinda wish the Bishop was more direct… there’s no guidance on *not* attending another parish if yours is still closed. The guidelines are reasonable… but they require everyone to act reasonably for the guidelines to work; on that I have less confidence.

        Similarly with the parish re-openings… they aren’t managing the parish, they are managing the guidelines. I think it was Mencken who said we get the Priests we deserve not the Priests we want, or maybe it was Twain?

        The over/under at our parish (which is very active) is we’ll reach 50% 1hr before Mass starts… They only added one additional service… so plan accordingly. 🙂Report

    • Avatar Jaybird in reply to Marchmaine says:

      I hear about some churches doing the outside thing. Every family six feet away from every other family. Singing 7-11 hymns and listening to a sermon about the importance of socially-distantly holding each other closer than ever.Report

    • fillyjonk fillyjonk in reply to Marchmaine says:

      My (Disciples of Christ) congregation had a socially-distanced board meeting this week to hammer this thing out. Between the minister (whose mom is in chemo), me (worried biologist who is maybe a little hypochondriac) and a woman who works for the regional Tribal authority (who is concerned about the June 1 casino re-opening), consensus (with the rest of the board, most of whom are over 65 or in a high-risk group) was to delay reopening in person until mid June at least.

      As I noted in the meeting, the three things most valuable to me from in-person church – singing, greeting (with hugs or handshakes) people,, and weekly communion – would not be possible or would have to be GREATLY changed during this time.

      So it’s video church for now. It’s okay. I don’t know that I could fully relax in church right now knowing what I know about pre-symptomatic transmission, and I’d rather not go to church wearing a mask.

      But yeah. It’s another disruption in my life that just makes everything feel kind of not-right. I will be so very glad when all of this is safely over.Report

      • Avatar Marchmaine in reply to fillyjonk says:

        Yeah tough call… given the importance of the social and musical aspect. I hope summer offers a window to put something workable together. Maybe something outside.

        I’m a low Mass kinda guy, I go to the 7 am… no singing, fewer people (especially in the dead of winter when it is pitch black and cold – separates the stalwarts from the summer bunnies) and no nonsense from the priest. On communion I’m famously idiosyncratic owing to my Orthodox upbringing and I’m nursing a personal grudge against Pius X for the trajectory he set the church spinning down regarding the Eucharist. But that’s a whole other kettle of fish.Report

        • fillyjonk fillyjonk in reply to Marchmaine says:

          Someone floated the idea of a first-Sunday-in-July outdoor service (traditionally for July 4 we have a short devotional service because so many people want to get out to the lake) and that….seems like a good way to me..

          Someone complained “but it will be hot” but I think if a person brings an umbrella to serve as a parasol and we hold it early enough in the day it will be fine.Report

  10. I’ve gone a few times during the past two months. Your experience in stores is mostly like mine here in Big City. I haven’t noticed any one way signs, but maybe they’re there and that means I’m inadvertently part of the problem.

    I don’t go to the deli in normal times: a combination of social anxiety and not liking it when people just stand there without taking a number, which means I have to catch someone’s eye so they’ll talk to me.

    I’ve noticed that some produce, like garlic and fresh spinach, seems harder to get.Report

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