Thursday Throughput: Finding the Missing Black Holes


Michael Siegel

Michael Siegel is an astronomer living in Pennsylvania. He is on Twitter, blogs at his own site, and has written a novel.

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3 Responses

  1. Avatar Oscar Gordon

    ThTh5: Isn’t this also the case when most of your positive test results are from people with the most severe symptoms?Report

  2. Avatar George Turner

    ThTh5. The paper never explains what collider bias is. It says “(sometimes referred to as selection bias, sampling bias, ascertainment bias)”. I assume it refers to the way someone in a collision makes a very poor eye-witness because they have trouble ascertaining what actually occurred, due to the shock of what happened to them. But it might instead refer to some weird aspect of quantum interactions that occur in a particle collider.Report

  3. Avatar Mike Schilling

    ThTh3: Between the time-lapse photography and the RV there’s a definite Breaking Bad vibe.Report

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