Saturday Morning Gaming: Blood Bowl II



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  1. Avatar Brandon Berg

    I bought Grand Theft Odyssey after the free weekend that I mentioned a few Saturdays ago. The gameplay is a bit repetitive, but I really like exploring Fake Classical Greece. One drawback is that FCG is mostly just there to fill space, while all the action happens in forts, tombs, ruins, and caves, which are all pretty much the same. So there are these beautiful, highly varied landscapes that mostly go unused, while you spend most of your time in drab areas that all look the same. Still, I give it 9/10 for the first 40 hours or so; considering I only spent $30, that’s a pretty good deal.

    I’m irrationally disappointed that Fake Classical Anatolia isn’t included. The world’s huge, and I have no reason to expect that FCA would be radically different, but I still wanted to go there.

    Also, every so once in a while, after murdering all the soldiers in a fort for the express purpose of starting a war, winning the war for the conquering army, and then murdering the new soldiers to start another war, I start to wonder if maybe I’m the bad guy. I feel like maybe the mechanics and reward system of the game are pushing me towards engaging in a lot more murder and miscellaneous sociopathy than is either socially optimal or consistent with the ostensible themes of the game.Report


    Nethack. Also I tried the latest snapshot for Minecraft and it’s neat considering the Nether was always a bland and boring place of death, and now it’s a little more living and alien.Report

  3. Avatar Fish

    Great writeup!

    The league has been great fun so far. We’ve had a couple of games with go-ahead touchdowns scored in the waning moments (turns); we’ve had dramatic upsets; come-from-behind victories; we’ve even had a few serious injuries and a couple of deaths.

    Another brilliant mechanic this game employs is that you don’t have to win a game to improve your team. Winners and losers alike get to select (randomly) an MVP (which means bonus Star Player Points, which enable your players to pick new skills), and the monetary rewards are all based on your team’s Fan Factor (a measure of how popular your team is) and a roll of the dice (don’t roll a 1…but you get a reroll anyway, so…), which can sometimes result in the losing team making more money than the winning team. These mechanics prevent your team from falling into a death spiral you can’t pull out of because the materiel for improvement is going to be there regardless.Report

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