Weekend Plans Post: What *WOULD* you have planned for this weekend, if you could?



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6 Responses

  1. Avatar Doctor Jay says:

    I don’t miss shopping. But I miss my martial arts class. I miss seeing people I’ve been doing this with for the last 20 years. Every Saturday morning. But not this last month.

    And gaming. Yeah. Board gaming. Role playing. And so on.

    ALSO, I’d go see a movie. In a crowded theater. We’d all laugh together, or boo or hiss (we do that here) or cry.


  2. Avatar InMD says:

    I’d hit the gym early to see how pathetic my squat has become over the last month. Then take my son to the big park. Maybe grab something for the grill and get some friends over in the evening for beers.Report

  3. fillyjonk fillyjonk says:

    Well, assuming instead of “oh, you’re immune” that it was rather “the virus never happened and everything is as normal as it seemed back in January”….well, I’d have Good Friday off (I know, right? And I teach at a state university) and I’d probably be going out to the craft store (I had a very visceral feeling of longing yesterday afternoon to just be able to wander the aisles of the JoAnn’s or go to one of the little quilt shops that I HOPE will still be around thanks to selling online after this is over). Would hit the nicer bigger grocery store to get something special to cook for my Easter dinner (which now will probably be salmon loaf out of canned salmon….), having a restaurant meal.

    I’d have gone to Maundy Thursday service at church last night, rather than crying my way through the version broadcast on the BBC and I’d be looking forward to going to church for Easter on Sunday.

    I’d probably have griped about having to go into the office on Saturday and grade or write an exam or whatever…Report

  4. Avatar Pinky says:

    I’d probably go to Easter Vigil Mass – the long one, just to wash this secular taste out of my mouth. Go to Wendy’s and eat inside. Ride the elevator in the apartment complex for an hour and greet people when the doors open. Oh, you know what, not Wendy’s, but that pretty bad all-you-can-each Chinese buffet place up the road. Maybe I’d just go there and sit down. Spend $18 just to watch people scoop food from the same trays.Report

  5. Avatar Damon says:

    Back to the mat 3-4 times a week. I’m trying to keep conditioning so i won”t be exhausted after the warm up.Report

  6. Avatar Aaron David says:

    Well, I wouldn’t be taking my wifes car in to get recall work done, which I wouldn’t be waiting for four hours to have happen. I wouldn’t be wandering around a nursery to listen to her choose plants for the backyard.

    I wouldn”t be looking to see what restaurants do take-out to have a picnic on my porch for date night.Report