Mini-Throughput: Visiting the Neighbors Edition


Michael Siegel

Michael Siegel is an astronomer living in Pennsylvania. He is on Twitter, blogs at his own site, and has written a novel.

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5 Responses

  1. Avatar Dark Matter says:

    This sort of thing will get cheaper as we get richer. Easier as we get more advanced.

    I’m in favor of it but suspect it will be surpassed by later efforts.

    Long term we colonize the stars by having robots survive the emptiness of space travel and then grow humans at the end of the trip if an AI thinks it would be useful.Report

  2. Avatar Kolohe says:

    Ok, that clarifies something from the Odyssey magazine reading days of my youth – there was the first learned fact that Alpha Centauri was the closest star, then the more refined fact that no it’s actual Proxima Centauri – but also Alpha Centauri is a double star. So until just now, I thought Proxima *was* the second of the double star, not a third star.Report

  3. Avatar CJColucci says:

    For some reason, the first comment is blank and “ignored” appears in a box. I’m not sure what “ignoring” is and wouldn’t know how to do it on purpose.Report

  4. Avatar Slade the Leveller says:

    Cixin Liu used something like this in one of his 3 Body Problem books. The ship was boosted, IIRC, by strategically placed nuclear bombs.Report

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