Non-Doomsday Prepping, Part 5: Suppertime!


Kristin Devine

Kristin is a geek, a libertarian, and a domestic goddess. She lives in a wildlife refuge in rural Washington state with too many children and way too many animals and works with women around the world as a fertility counselor. There's also a blog which most people would very much disapprove of

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  1. Avatar Jaybird says:

    I have rediscovered the joys of different kinds of pasta. Yesterday, we had shells. Today, we had rigatoni (spirals).

    Oh, my gosh! THEY ARE ALL SO GOOD.

    One of the staples that I normally have in any given week is pizza, pizza, and pizza. Given that freezer space is at a premium, I haven’t been doing that one. We need the freezer for other stuff. So that’s kind of weird but now I’m thinking about getting some pizza dough and using the marinara to make fresh-not-frozen pizza… which I haven’t done in more than a decade.

    Good ideas!Report

  2. Avatar George Turner says:

    Coconut powder (also called coconut milk powder), is very handy to have. Just add water to make coconut milk, or sprinkle it into any soupy curry recipe to thicken and make a coconut curry at the same time.

    I’ve also combined it with a packet of Hidden Valley Ranch dressing powder as an alternative to mayonnaise or sour cream for making a fat-free low-weight salad dressing.Report

  3. Avatar Ho Maid says:

    Campbell’s Cheese soup (both regular and Fiesta) —if you love mac and cheese, grab a few cans of either type of soup when it’s on sale. A can of cheese soup and whatever cheese you have lying around (except velveeta) makes the best, creamiest and most delicious mac you will ever eat. You can get the same result with Velveeta and some milk, but it’s harder to get the consistency perfect–the cheese soup is the BOMB.Report

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